Ventilation Question

Next is to cut the slot for Shingle Vent II. Am going to cut the slot 3/4" as stated by them and called back to ask if that was a plumb cut and it was. I will stop it 12" from each end of the 32 foot Ridge on the home, 6" and 12" have been suggested.

MY soffit is cut back just rough with a jig saw for now and averages 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches cut back from the bottom back edge of the facia board. When we get through the winter i will get either the slotted or perforated metal and put that in with a new soffit. I want the intake at the front of the soffit so it draws air accross the back off the facia board to keep it dry.

What is the final ratio you need per running foot. They say the Shingle vent two provides 16" of air exhaust per linear foot so if that is the case if my soffit is cut on each side of the home back the 1" approx it is cut the same amount or a little bit more, is this okay till I put the continous vent in? 1" on each side of the home average would provice 24" of intake per linear foot

What do the continuous vents offer for air intake per linear foot? Guess it is different for different brands but the metal from this same company is what I am thinking. I looked to be about 2" wide.



3/4 cut is for a home without a ridge board at the top where the rafters meet the ridge. The max shingle vent will flow is 18 inches. Cutting the hole bigger will not give you any more airflow. And thats a bad idea. If you have a ridge board the cut if im not mistaken is 1 1/4 but that is ONLY if you have a ridge beam present. Now as far as continious vent if im not mistaken that is 9 inches per foot. The final ratio with ridge vent should be in the ballpark of 60% intake to 50%. And the rest lays in the ridge vent. Optimal is 60% intake but do not go lower than 50% If you have 60 feet of ridge vent then run 120 feet of soffit vent at a minimum. You do some nice work there Warren keep it up. As far as bothering me or anyone else here i dont think that is a problem. We all had to learn how to do this sometime and from someone.

So you got those photos okay and took a look thanks. I might try later tonight to figure out how to post them to the remote site.

Now I hope you are wrong with your info on the cut. I cut from end to end of the ridge and just finihsed, I cut to 3/4 of an inch to either side of the 1 1/2" ridge board. This was per Graces instructions at Airvent. I also stoppedc it at 12" from each end, I asked her about snow and prevelant wind and she said she did hers to 12" at that end, someone I respect alot told me go 12" from each end so it is done that way now, would be easy to open it up a bit more.

I guess this is a bit of a compramise as the ridge vent system pulls from front and back but since this is a simple cottage style roof down at the ends where the hip goes to the corners the ridge will not really work with that or maybe it is fine. I would prefer to have no turtle or other vents on the end trying to keep it clean.

Was told 3/4 to either side of the board gives 16 inches per linear foot. The total width of the cut should be 3" and I called back to ask about plumb cause if you did a cut that was at a right angle to the roof boards it would reduce the air intake by 30 percent or so so I matched the 5/12 pitch and dropped in with the Skil Saw. You know had this saw for 15 years and this is the first time i tilted the blade. It all worked very well except the roof boards around the ridge were pretty tough so back to doing my quiltwork patchwork but it is done.

So last thing to figure is the drip edge and how to approach it then can move forward dont think there is any more construction type stuff.

GTP I got through all that construction stuff and that is my first time, zero carpenter experience just furniture, I fumbled along but it worked and now it all makes sense to me.

A good carpenter looked at the photos the other night and shook his head, especially the missing hip boards in each corner. I knew he was driving by and thinking I was making a career of this, well he understood.

Wish I had roofing experience it would be a nice feeling to do the shingles and all to the end.



If you chatted with airvent i might be wrong then. Its hard to rememeber every little detail when i tend to leave ridge vent off of homes with a ridge board. As far as airflow im sure 18 inches is the max that it flows. This is shingle vent II correct if so 18 inches is what it flows.

what I was told is correct I went back and checked notes made a few hours later, so that means I probably forgot some stuff by then. Got a fax from the supplier here but only one page of four, something unhappy in the program however checked it and it does say cut 3/4" to either side of the ridge board. I figured that is 8" per side for a total of 16" somewhere I saw what you said about 18" maximum per foot.

What do you think about photo #17, next is to approach the drip edge and if it should sit out from the facia or not. easiest if it does not, wrap the ice and water over the facia then put the drip however someone here got me thinking with the capilarry statement and setting it out a bit thats when I found it is weak when not sitting supported bottom edge on the facia.