Ventillation issue


I’m bidding a house that is a single story ranch style. There are currently no soffit vents and no ridge vents. The house currently has gable vents and 2 turbines. There is no roof overhang in the front and sides of the house to install soffit vents. There is enough soffit in the back of the house to install soffit vents. Suggestions for venting?

I recommend hiring a roofer to bid your roofing projects.

GAF just came out with a new product called Cobra Fascia Flow. It would be quite useful for you situation.


[quote=“AaronB.”]I recommend hiring a roofer to bid your roofing projects./quote

Well that is one way to go. Is that what your doing?[/quote]

Thanks I will check in to that. I mean I will hire a roofer to check in to that for me.

Thanks for the post OP. I have a very similar situation where I have 1200 sqft of attic flat area. I calculate 4 sq ft intake for proper ventiliation. Currently there are two 12"x12" gable vents acting as intakes with two 14" turbine vents for exhaust. I have NO room for soffit vents. My plan is to increase the size of the gable vents to 14"x24" which effectively doubles the size of the openings.

I live in Los Angeles near the coast and have a constant breeze from the west which one gable faces. I was concerned about the lack of soffit vents but given that it rarely exceeds 90 degrees F and we have the constant 3 mph wind, would the larger gable vents be sufficient for intake?



There is no way I would place any cuts in the fascia of a home with no overhang. ICE could be a problem.

Look into Smart Vent.

Here in Los Angeles, we don’t have ice problems like in the east or north. Rain is the biggest culprit but our current gable vents don’t leak. We typically don’t have strong winds combined with rain.