Venting Low Slope Roof with no attic

I came across this forum while researching a solution for my home that I am currently working on. Ill appreciate any input on the best way to approach this.

I made a new dormer addition to the upstairs attic, and Ill attach pictures to make it easier to visualize. The pitch of the back half of the roof is 1:12, with a torch down roof membrane and 1 inch of insulation board between the membrane and plywood. The inside is still exposed (i heard a few recommendations of spray foam so that is still an option since its exposed). The length of the roof is about 40 feet.

Does this roof construction need ventilation, if so, how can it be vented?

the back half of the roof is a dormer along the length of the house.
We are planning to put drywall up of the ceiling directly on the framing if that is possible, (instead of a drop ceiling). House is located in the Chicago suburbs
Thanks again

Closed cell insulation would be an option for you. Pretty user friendly. You can find alot of info on the net for. Lookup insulation suppliers near you. A few by my offer disposable kits that a perfect for one house jobs.

If you are planning on using the roof joists as your ceiling joists, then there isn’t anyway to vent this area. Make sure you seal and insulate correctly.