Venting low slope roof

I have been asked to remedy a cathedral roof section that has noticable signs of water damage at the where it meets a steeply pitched section. The cathedral is less than 2:12 and meets a 14:12. The cathedral is insulated with 12" bats and has a vapor barrier between insulation and sheetrock. The ridge is not vented on the cathedral side, but has soffit venting. There are also can lights that are probably leaking heat and moisture, not helping the matter. If I gut the ceiling and insulation, pull the can lights, provide air space with styrofaom baffles to the ridge, how do I than ventilate this tricky low slope situation. there is currently a funky ridge vent situation that goes from the steep slope over the top to the low slope, but there is no way for the air to get into it from the low slope. I think the the ridge vent might also leak where it comes over onto the 2:12.

you can do it w/ DCI1s smart vent–install a ft or two before the pitch change

There is no reason to vent it. Stop the roof leaks and get rid of the can lights. There is no attic space?

Thanks for the info but could you run this product name and model number by me one more time. Where do you get it. Are you saying this could install on the nearly flat section?

Thanks Aaron, Would you seal up the soffit vents and insulate to the fascia, I believe you had mentioned closed cell spray foam before? Do you have experience with this.

we would need pics …and if there is no air space to be vented then …well… there will be no airflow.

The joists are 2X10’s and baffles could be inserted to create air flow from a soffit to ridge, but venting the ridge of a 1:12 is difficult.

Do photos have to be uploaded to an URL or can you upload straight to this forum?


Yes, I do work with foam.

Also, the work could be done from the rooftop side instead of demolishing the interior.

actually,i missed less than 2on 12,you require a flat system,or if venting is a problem,vent on the 14 on12,it`s D.C.I.—SMART VENT—you can get it at bradco supply