Venting roof lines at knee walls

On the topic of venting roof lines that terminates into knee wall’s. Such areas like porch roofs, shed roof additions or large box out windows. None of us want to create a potential leak or install something that the esthetics have to be explained away. In the past we have all installed the ridge vent cut in half and bent up the wall. Or the unsightly can vent on a costumers new roof in order to create exhaust ventilation. Which almost always leads the customer to ask if that is really necessary. There is a relatively new product on the market called VTF vent which stands for vented transition flashing. It can be purchased at ABC Supply and Wimsatt building supply. Aside from cutting the slotted vent hole it is much like installing a normal peace of apron flashing because the vent is the flashing there is no need to shingle or flash over it once it has been installed. Before your next project I suggest checking this product out at