Vents installed incorrectly on my 1 3/4 storey house? Below the attic? Really?

Contractor just finished roofing my 1 3/4 story house. Venting along the top ridge and end walls are fine, but he added 4 vents below the attic space. They are venting the sloped walls of my bedrooms and bathroom. I asked him what they could be venting,? and he said the 4" space between my trusses. Does that make any sense? I could understand if I had a knee wall, but I have no empty space on my 2nd floor like most 1 1/2 story houses. He offered to remove them when I questioned them, but I don’t really know enough about roofing. Wouldn’t a vent over my bedroom or bathroom invite moisture and leaking? It’s only 4 inches above my plaster wall!

Should I get him to remove them?


A picture would be helpful.