Vents installed over rafters

We just had a new roof installed - Lifetime Warranty. There are no soffits on one side of the house, so 4 square vents were installed about 3 feet up from the roof line - evenly spaced. The roofer cut the holes in the plywood so that the right edge is directly over the rafter and about 1/2 inch past it. They spaced the vents so all the vents are like this. The vents look to be about 13" square. So about 10" of the vent is open for air flow, but I am worried about the rafters becoming damaged by the added air flow directly on the wood. Is this something that I should be worried about? The roofer says that it is OK. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks.

The rafters could be a problem if you live in a snow area, but i doubt it. I am more concerned with 4 vents, either the home is small or it is not ventilated properly. Before we get into that, post the length and width of your home so i can see if you have the proper amount of vents up there. As far as the soffits are concerned that can be a whole new problem with one side vented and the other not. If i did the roof i would have used smartvent on the side with no soffits to ensure proper flow. How many soffit vents do you have and also are they blocked by insulation or not?

The size of this part of the house that the roof is over is 25’L by 23’W. There are 4 soffit vents and they are not blocked by insulation. There are two gable vents as well. There is a Master Flow PR3XD attic fan with thermostat and humidistat in the center of the roof on the side without the soffits. Thanks for responding.

Talk about a ventilation issue…

Now i am shaking my head

Shoulda been Smartvent and ridgevent and get rid of rest.