Vertical Crack in One Brick near Roofing Work


I just had a new bay window roof put on. I noticed recently that there is a crack in just one brick, near the new roof. It’s not right next to the roof, but one brick away.

You can see it in my gallery pic Bay4. It’s the fifth brick away from the lower left corner of the window, going diagonally down and to the left.

See it? Just a vertical crack going through the whole face of the brick. Maybe it was there even before the roof got put on. But they were banging pretty hard into the brick once or twice from the sound of things, and maybe they cracked it !!
Although I don’t want to accuse anybody of anything yet. :shock:

What do you think? Could this crack have been there already? No water gets into it, as far as I know.

Should I leave it alone? Have someone seal it up?

Can’t find any other cracks on the bricks anywhere.


I find it extremely unlikely that the roofers would have cracked a brick that far away from the roof line. Its probably been like that for a while.

Thanks for the replies. :smiley:

Bricks crack all the time from improper installation, settling and expansion/contraction from heat and freezing. I doubt the roofer cracked it but how would you ever prove it?