Videos of you roofing

I am tired of searching for videos of people roofing and coming up with nothing… I only came up with one or two a while back but they were removed. I want to see other people and their speed/technique to compare with. I’ll do my best to get one of me putting down some three tabs and put a link to the vid up on here. If some of you roofers out there could do the same that would be great.
I’m in roofing for the fun… can you tell?

roofing for fun???you need thorazine!!!

lol. If it wasn’t fun I definitely would not do it!

Whats the point of it honestly.

I don’t know, seeing how other people go at it… Fun, I guess. But, if none of you see any fun in what you do, then I guess there is no point…


I am planing on doing videos on my website later this year or in the spring.

I love my job.

I tell myself that every morning…

Been thinking about making a roofing video for some time now.

I would have a laborer fallow me around for 20 minutes with a video recorder and I could explain how to do things from setting tarps, to tearing off, to ice and watering, to felting, shingling, cleaning up etc.

This way every Monday morning on the way to work I could put the dvd into the truck and the workers could each watch the video on the their own screen. This way I wouldn’t have to yell at all my workers everyday as to how to do things. This way if they got really drunk over the weekend they could still watch the video and learn everything over again, every Monday morning on the way to work.

My brother thought it was a good idea and he’s already got a monitor for each worker but I don’t think he likes his grunts in his $60K pick up!!!

When it’s time to fire the workers at least I’d be able to say I tried to teach them!!! Last week I fired four guys, should have had the video?

It would be easy for guys to speed up the video to make it look like their faster than they are.

Good one on the workers gettin a recap every monday morning. LOL. Yea, to verify that someone wasn’t speeding it up you could have someone else in the background talking and walking around. I think it would be cool to see someone else putting em down at their speed and system (bundle setup, pistol/eye gauge, shingle retrieval, etc…) just for interest sake. I’m gonna see what I can do as soon as I get my next building loaded this week, and I’ll post a link on here…

I’m already filming mine. Brad Pitt is playing me and Patrick Stewart narrates. It’s entitled ‘The Shingle and You.’ Also available in spanglish!

Great, now my wife will be emailing you daily! LOL.

[Horiatio Sanz to Chris Kattan]No, Tar Monkey… you must not! It’s much too sexy!!![/Horiatio Sanz to Chris Kattan]

How about more of a Buster Keaton effect? I want to see you hang off the tip of a ladder suspended from the ratline on a 4 story 18:12 & no harness.

Great, now my wife will be emailing you daily! LOL.

I need pics!

How about more of a Buster Keaton effect?

I’m much too pretty Ranch, it’s going to have to be Brad Pitt. Maybe Johnny Depp, I dunno. Somebody that can turn in half profile and have their hair blown back by a light breeze and not look gay. As far as stunt work? I’m semi-retired now so I will leave the crazy stuff to the 20ish people, I’ve done more than my share, heh.

Aite, here she be! And please put some videos up of you guys…It’d be great to find some fellow show-offs amongst you alls… .hehehe. Peace… and thanks for the entertaining replies…
- YouTube)

That was really cool when you used your hammer and stuff. I was all like nice…he’s getting old school. But seriously, I want that 2 mins of my life back please. I would have been re entertaining of you wore leaderhosen. Seriously.

Then it’s not for you… And that’s fine, it may not be for anybody, but I still want videos of other people doing the same. Any takers? I find watching people doing roofing fun and entertaining, but maybe that’s just me obssessed with doing what I love… I guess it’ll take me a few more years to get burnt out on it… hehehe

I’ve been owner operator for 10 years and I still really like my job. My father has been roofing for 35 years and he seems to still like his job. My little brother seems to like being an owner operator roofer, he’s been doing that for 5 years.

ill make a video of me slating for u

nice thread,
mr yosoysk8r.
the part about my next buildin gettin loaded
jumps out at me since im so close and
i also like to lay shingles.
let me know if theres just to many of those buildins gettin loaded, and not enough shinglers.

also i like to throw a shingle back every 4or 5 shingles so i go up the roof at a steeper diagnal
rack. this way i dont move as nuch and i dont have to
move my stacks of shingles as much either.

im noticin alot of roofers usin that “nose of the gun” technuiqe. if it works for ya, i guess it works.
for me im faster settin the gun down each shingle.


Hey, thanks for the positivity…! Yea, my ultimate goal is to be owner/operator for my own company… It’d be great to do what you and your family (Dougger…) do where you do enough work to keep a crew or two going with you personally putting shingles on and making sure everything goes the way it should… Gweedo, I’m gonna try that method of coming back a shingle every 4 or 5 and see if I like it… I’ll let you know if we got something for you as far as shingling. we’re drying in four buildings this week so we should have something if they put the pressure on us to shingle those in right away. These florida summers sure bring the rain! Yea, any videos of you guys roofing (scottishslater put on some slate)would be awesome, I know that it takes some effort to actually get the camera and take the video, so if you can’t do it, that’s cool. Thanks again for all the replies…