Vinyl siding question

we are tearing off existing shingles for new vinyl. we are stripping down to the ply wood. do we use furring strips first and then insulation,or is insulation alone enough?

insulation alone is enough. the plywood will hold the nails.

We are talking about siding now, correct?
What type of “shingles” are you taking off?
How old is your house?
What is underneath everything?

It is common in my area for the siders to just put up “blue board” (over the existing clapboard siding) and put the new siding over that.
No furring strips needed.
Whether or not that this is the correct way I am not sure, I am not a sider…
This is a cost efficient solution, not necessarily the best.
Not everyone can afford cedar and stone…

when does one use "furring strips’ ?

whhen you are using mewtal siding or roofing. they are used as purlins. or in framing to “fur” out a wall or other surface. in asphault roofing or vinyl siding it is never really used. who is trying to push you to use furring strips?


You will fir out when the building is block or stucco.

got it. thanks guys…

Is that only for building a cat house?

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