Vinyl Siding Self Cleaning Bottom Trim in Dormer Side Roof Line J-Channel

House has close 100 ft pine trees where needles drop and are present everywhere on the roof.

Debris will be trapped in the decreasing width channels between the siding and the J channel. They fill up with needles and debris so that water spills over the J.

Keeping the siding bottom above the J bottom provides an unrestricted flow channel but this doesn’t solve the issue of the decreasing channels above it.

A “saw tooth” bottom trim should help. Something like trim the most at the vertex of the decreasing channel where the siding touches the outboard J wall.

I’m sure this issue has already been solved and would like to know how to do the recommended trim.

Thanks in advance

Pictures would help a lot.

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I see what you are saying and other than getting rid of the trees or re-siding with clapboards (wood or synthetic) there is no easy way to stop the needles. Other than getting up there and cleaning them out a few time a year.