Vote for me

maybe by seeing the votes they would get the hint…and do something about it… :wink:

The attacking is what i dont like. There are many difference of opinions. Quit attacking. Who are you? I feel that you are a very educated person so act like it please. This site is consumer oriented and more for them than us. There are others where it is more a place for off topic subjects. just answer the questions that are asked or post your questions. Quit with the crap that seems to have consumed this site. All those listed above have very important contributions to make and we may not always agree but to show that just post your opinion and let others have theirs. The correct way will be very clear without all the fighting. God bless and keep comin back…it works if ya work it.

I voted for me. :shock:

come to think of it i am all screwed up and since i am the only one that can change me ill also vote for myself

Thats why I did it. :shock:

Ummmm, I beg to differ you 2, give me 5 minutes with each of you and I could change your mind real fast.


its sad we have to have a poll to decide who needs to change their attitude more. I’m sure I could use an adjustment every now and then, but I am the way I am, and for the most part the people who don’t like it, I don’t like them either. To narrow it down to one person is…eh… :shock:

Would a nice ribeye cooked to your liking and a six pack of Corona, maybe some sweetcorn on the cob? A few topless waitresses to serve you, and a football game to watch on a bigscreen TV?

would that change your mind?

I hope youre talking to me.

My favorites:

Ribeye steak
Sweet Corn on the cob
Corona and lime.

I hope youre talking to me. I hope youre serious.

We’re having a big cookout and bonfire this Sunday, you are only down the road, you can bring the family, come up, play around, eat, spend the night and take off Monday morning.

It will be a good time.

we have enough room for many.

wish you were right up the road from me. :smiley:

hey G are the topless invited??? :smiley:

I’ll probably be topless!!!

as for the waitresses…I don’t think so, but you never know as the night goes on…

lol Throw me a portherhouse on the grill and put some michelob light on ice for me. :smiley:

If sys is going topless, I will be there, too. Let me ask the warden what she wants to do.

Well I wont be topless cause I just wont, call it respect or whatever but it just gets a bit drafty :wink:

Who’s the warden???

The warden is my keeper…the ball and chain…the “better half” LOL…the mother of my kids…my wife. :frowning:

I C never heard the wife referred to in that mannor :mrgreen: old ball and chain now that one I have heard.

She tries to be more and more warden-like everyday. :frowning: