Walkable roof products

I have a 300sq. ft deck that also is the roof for my garage. It now has two layers of 3/4 ply sheathing covered by some cheapo deck cote. I have some rotton spots and dips that hold water. Am planning on taking off old sheathing, sistering on new 2X? to existing joists to straighten out deck and establish better slope and re sheathing with 3/4 T&G. Then I don’t have any ideas. I have looked into poly vinyl memrane but it runs 10/sq ft . I would like to have any ideas about what I could apply that would give me a waterproof deck/roof for a few years. If I sealed the sheathing really well could I use slate tiles or would the grout crack. Help Thanks


Slate is cheaper then $10?

You get what you pay for!

I don’t know your area or building codes but here are a few low slope options that may be available to you.


fully adhered epdm to the t&g.then walkway pads(available from all epdm mfgrs)on the entire roof area.

Thanks everyone, I’m going to bite the bullit and get duradek installed. I have seen some that was installed 15 years ago and it looked great.


Good choice

We are going to be doing our first one soon.

Dura Deck is the best solution. Great look and it works. Be prepared for some color change and wear in the future.