Walking on Mobile home roof to repair

Hello, I need to know how much weight will a roof hold for someone to walk on it? I have a 1976 single wide that I need to repair a leak in the roof, but I’m afraid to walk on it because I know The rafters are thin . Many thanks, Vicki

I’m far from guru, but thus is something I do know about.
I’ve lived in a mobile home all my life, let’s just say a very long time.
I really don’t want to discuss the whole weight thing, but I definitely weigh more than 100#'s, but less than 200#'s.
We have a 1976 M/H and we’ve both been on the roof at the same time, 3-400#'s respectively. Not on the same joint at the same time but the main point is that it’s extremely important to stay on the rafter.
Not sure about your home, but all my seams don’t line up with the rafters so test before you step.
I just bought the supplies to re-coat mine, a job I’ve done many times. Just always try to keep your weight on a rafter at all times. If you’re not certain about them, you could always use a piece of plyboard or something to span across more than one joint, this will help to distribute the weight and help you to prevent straining while doing the patch job.
Hope this is helpful.


Awesome! That’s the information I needed. Thank you so much!


The plywood idea is good. I’ll be using this.

Thank you!