Walking on roof

What is the steepest pitch you can safely walk on? here is a roof I did recentlyhttp://www.caseysbuilding.com/Homebuilding.html

Looks like about a 7. I always put a walkboard at the eaves on anything over a 6 just so if I go I have somewhere to catch myself. I will shingle up to a 9 without any other walkboards, but 10 and up I scaffold or use a step ladder as needed.

Thats a nice looking home,I take it you built it start to finish, good feeling I have had it.

Boys boys the thing about being able to walk the roof and being safe up on it is two different things don’t you think?

I like the idea of something to catch you if you fall but come now, sliding head first over the edge you think a walk board (presumably on ladder jacks) will keep you from hitting the ground? OSHA says at least slide falls over 6/12 and I completely agree.

I didn’t however until I personally slid head first from 18’. I don’t remember hitting the ground but I dislocated my left elbow and tore my right rotator cuff. When I woke up I was in the hospital lucky to be alive. Still feeling those aches on a regular occasion. Its harnesses without slide fall protection regardless.

Last year a young man fell 12’ and died. No it is not high but seriously when you realize you are falling time does not stand still wizzes by and it is tough getting into any type of protective position.

We all pay extremely high Comp rates and its not all Insurance Bureaucracy getting all they can, it has a lot to do with workers not being safe and getting injured resulting in huge pay outs.

Be Safe. If you don’t feel safe you probably are not working safe.

well it takes more than safety lines… GOD is the one that will say it is time for u to learn about my word…things like that happen for a cuz… but al of u be safe out ther especially the sales parson cuz they only do the sales and are not that use to walk on roofs like roofers do… i gave out a proposal today for another sales person; this house is a 12/12 65squares $17000 the hause was not that bad to walk but yeah 2 story i will be safe…

Cougar Paws are so worth the money. I have been walking on 9’s with little trouble. Its not alot of fun and i move slow but it can be done.

that house is a 6/12. i wont walk over a 7/12 when i estimate…unless i can climb a valley to the ridge. Better safe than sorry.

Depends on my mood,but I normally shingle up to an 7/12 with nothing.8-10/12 with a strip of foam 1" thick 2’x8’ with a row of roof jacks and planks at bottom, and jack the whole roof over a 10/12… I have seen Mexicans roof a 48 sq. 12/12 with nothing but a power ladder to get on the roof and load shingles. They finished it in 12 hrs New const. 2 story 5 guys,but only 3 shingled…They walk right to the bottom and put on drip edge with a hose around their waste, and I saw slack in the hose…Once they get 4 rows on the hose comes off and away they go!
You may be able to do it too , if you knew you only have to work like that for a few yrs., and then you go home and live off the money you made. One guy said after 10 yrs here he will go back to Ecuador and live like a king retired…

Wearing a pair of Converse “Chucks” and a cushion in one hand I can easily move around a 10/12. I would say that anything over an 8/12 requires extra effort though.

8:12 to 9:12 is about as far i go. other than that its ground measure with xactimate or foam

what kind of ridge cap/vent is that?
looks like its stickin out past the edge of roof


Nice house. On a side note, let me know if you want to get any traffic from that website. You have NO SEO on it.
And I think Yahoo is already trademarked.

Sorry here is the correct link for the pic, caseysbuilding.com

[quote=“caseysbuilding”]Sorry here is the correct link for the pic, caseysbuilding.com

thats wild the way you framed that house. Is there a post under that live valley?

I can walk on a 10/12 till the cows come home any day of the week.
When the weather turns cool and the asphalt isn’t hot/melts anymore I can walk on a 12/12. Of course that is with my cougar paws.

cougar paws = false sense of security.

8 to 9 is my limit unless im on a valley, or climbing a ridge. i wear skater shoes every day. DC and Vans stick best.

I do agree that cougar paws can lead to a false sense of security.
But, after wearing them for over 4 years now on all types on roofs in all types of weather that false sense of security is shrinking.

the question is what can you walk on carrying a bundle of shingles?

These days?

The ground. LOL

For me, 9/12 is the steepest that I can safely carry a bundle a shingles or anything for that matter.
But I like Agapes answer better. :smiley:

dr martens are better than skate shoes imo, but i wear my paws and wander around 10s like nothing 12s with a valley but im always wearing gloves