Wall flashing

The tear off i did today had continuos flashing instead of step flashing where the roof meets a wall. On the edge of the flashing underneath the shingles they had a bend in the metal to keep water from running under the shingles. I have never seen this before. I was just wondering if anyone else has and what they think of the technique. there was no cement between shingles and flashing and the roof is 20+ years old with no leaks. It did make the shingles sit oddly at the wall, so aesthetically not the best thing, but I guess it seems to keep the water out.

It is called a hem.
It is there so that it can create a small airspace so that capillary action doesn’t allow water to flow in an un-natural way.
I am guessing that there were no nail holes in this metal?
There shouldn’t be…

If you are to use continuous flashing this is the best way, IMO step flashing is far superior.

If it is in good condition you can reuse it with no problems.

it was in good condition but I already ripped it out. I’ll put in step, old flashing was wrong color anyhow.

ya,like axiom said.we used to use that pre andrew in miami for tile detail.it was 5x7 l flashing,but step flashing is way better. step allows drainage under each course/ or pcs.

no step flashin for me.
most roofs in my hood are continous flashing.
we clean off metal and reuse.
its just how its done here.


eww… I don’t like that kinda flashing. Everytime I have ran across it, I would hit it with the teeth on my tear off shovel and whamo it’s now trash. Guess it wouldn’t be so bad if the roofers who put it there woulda used some stronger metal. I have rarely seen it actually bent at 90 degree either usually just curled which imo looks awful. Not hard to bend metal you can do it with 2x. I will stick to the step flashings (they are my favorite part of the job) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my flashing work. (Copper is so pretty) I had to beat tar off those bricks forever. I wasn’t happy that the water slot landed where it did on that first row but I put a lap of shingle under there. I wish I had more photos of all my flashing work. Oh well…


WHat the heck the water lines in the way. Im joking nice job on the copper.

I notice your front apron doesnt go past chimney a couple inches,how come?up here in BC we go past couple inches on each side of where ever wall flashings and front aprons are going…just curious. :roll:

The 1st time I seen this type of flashing ,I was alot younger and doing new construction with the builder supplying materials. I was confused looking at it and wondering ,does it go under the shingles or over the shingles .With what I knew about roofing and water it didn’t make sense.
When we are tearing off ,any time that it’s possible, we put knew painted step flash to match shingle color.But every once in a while you run in to one of those roofs where the “installer” read somewhere that you nail your flashing to the wall instead of the roof .Then it’s impossible to change.
Seems like a forum should be a good place to share and learn the hows and whys of doing a better more proffessional job.

Hi 1st rate roofer,
I couldn’t agree more with you. I almost always replace flashing. Roofers who nail flashing to the wall have their heads up their a$$. One nail per step flash into the roof. thats it. On vinyl siding jobs I often will just take the siding right off cause its easy, but on hardie plank or masonite it sucks. Cedar is ok.

The main thing is that often where a roof meets a wall there are seperate sections of foundation holding it all up. You nail your flasing to the wall and the footing settles in the wrong place and you have a leak.