Wall of shame subforum? For pictures of roofing gone bad

I know from reading on here that pictures are really great, especially roofing pictures!!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a subforum or thread dedicated to the roofing hack jobs and roofing jobs gone bad that either homeowners paid for or did themselves that had to be repaired correctly by a pro?

I did some residential HVAC work out of High School and have seen some ridiculous stuff. There is a great subforum on HVAC-Talk that I frequent a lot even though I am no longer in the trade: Removed Link To me the value is to see the distinction between pro’s like you guys and the people out there just trying to make a quick buck with no concern for their reputation.

Just as I enjoy looking at good work, I enjoy picking apart something that was obviously not done with any pride or care. Anyway, just a thought… :slight_smile: