Wanna start my own roofing business

i been doing roofing for over 4 years, with two of them doing the inspections for the company i work for; and know the sales and helping with the office here in houston… my credit is in good condition and i want to travel to a state that will atleast get me going with a few roofs weekly… got a few reson that i have to keep in my mind all the time: 1. pay taxes, 2. insurance fully but yeah i have to start from the ground, 3. i dont want to be a storm chaser; and the final one is i want that state to be my home for the rest of my life… HELP me with this what state gets storms almost every year???

which state has the most growth, which state sells the most of the product(s) you want to sell, what state would you like to spend your weekends in, (and maybe winters for that matter) probley more i cant think of gotta go… sun is peeking.

Dallas to Oklahoma City is the main corridor for hail damage. The highest chances for large hail will be in this region year over year.

For more on storms visit and join the HailWatch Blog at www.hailwatchblog.com

Hope this helps!