Want roof replaced because of shoddy workmanship

I am in NW Ohio. Had a roof installed last fall. Been fighting with the company since then about shoddy workmanship. In an area of about 2 squares I have found over 20 locations where nails are coming thru shingles. We have several rows close to 50’ long where the offset is less than 4". In addition to the nails coming thru I have found about 10 places where partial nail heads are exposed because the shingle exposure is not correct.

The installer want to just “repair” while I want a complete replacement because I question the ability to remove a few rows, the entire length without causing more damage to surrounding shingles.

Also With so many nails coming thru in one area I am concerned that in a few years other may work thru.

This was NOT the cheapest company. Actually the most expensive one.

What would you do to encourage them to replace the entire roof?

Hire an independent roofer to give you a report and ask for his advice.


Have you paid them? Sounds like they didn’t use chalk lines and high nailed a bunch. Not signs of superior workmanship. Ask to meet with the owner to try and work it out amicably. Perhaps they could replace a slope or two plus spot repairs.

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If the workmanship is that bad in the areas you’ve assessed; improper side lap, high nails, nails in key ways, etc. I would expect the entire job to be something that will haunt you. IF the information you have provided is accurate I would not settle for anything less than a reroof and I would not use that company to do it. The details listed are among the most important details needed to make a roof last and if they are done wrong then the entire roof system is compromised.

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Did you get a manufacturers warranty? If so, it’s their problem to deal with…

Manufacturers warranty does not cover installation. They only warranty if the actual shingle is defective.


And warranty is also denied by improper application.


We haven’t seen any pictures yet.

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what do you want to see? Do you not believe me?

It’s hard to picture some things. A homeowner also looks at parts that arent really important, if you post a picture we could be more detailed.

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Nobody here even knows you and we see frivolous, as well as legitimate, complaints about bad workmanship daily. Why would you not want to submit pictures for an educated review by qualified roofing contractors? I thought that’s why you posted your questions?


That defensive response about photos is weird. Says you’re shady.

Photos are very valuable. I’d definitely be taking it up with the company after paying for an independent Inspection report from a different company. This was mentioned above and I second that motion.

The pics are great.
I wouldnt demand demo of this work based on the under driven nails.
Those can be fixed forever.

If the nails are consistently close to a side lap from above? That could be a problem.
Any of those you find, should be fixed.
If they did it as a pattern with no regard/ understanding…
I’d want it all removed too.

Geez, finally pictures

What about an under driven nail that comes thru the shingle above. How are those repaired? Only way I know is to replace and with so many might as well do a tear off. How many more will be showing by next summer? Repair again? I didn’t pay 11 grand for a roof that needs repaired every year. Or for a roof that has cosmetic issue. You would not pay full price for a new car that has cosmetic issues.

More often than not, a roof is over driven and not under driven.
I hardly ever see an under driven roof.
So easy to find and fix.

And you dont want your OC Durations over driven. Because that design is ( sure nail strip)
A water trough.

You fix the nails by using a flat bar and prying the shingle above it.
Hammer the nail flush.
Install neoprene/ rubberized/ flashing quality roofing cement on top of the nail and on the underside of the shingle above.
Push it down.
Any cement that pushes through the top of the shingle, Sprinkle and then press matching granules into it.

Those nails are toe-nailed, gotta pull them, set another, and mud it down. Or there was no post tear off prep and they’re bent from the previous roof.

The problem is nail heads are already coming thru the shingles and this is not acceptable for a brand new roof. It’s too late to drive the nails in further. I didn’t pay for a shoddy roof.

Too late, huh…

Ok, Well i say its too late to choose your roofer.
You are stuck with him.
Good luck…

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