Want to increase profits 50-100% over next 12 months?



*A steady stream of back-to-back $800 to $2600 repairs that take 1 to 4 hours to complete.

*Repairs with no call-backs.

*Repairs with no one watching how long the repairs take and nobody complaining if you make $1800 in one hour with one guy.

*Working without having to give proposals, estimates, or prices before you do the work.

*No other bidders – only you.

**Imagine: **

[list]*Every time you send an employee to do a repair, he knows exactly what is causing the leak and exactly what needs to be done because he has done the same type of repair on exactly the same type of roof, over and over again. So next time it rains, there are no call-backs complaining that something is still leaking.

*Working in a huge complex “where everybody knows your nameâ€

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