Warped Sheathing

I wanted to ask this question again to see if anyone can advise me on what will happen when you shingle over warped sheathing.

I had my roof redone and roof_lover it does look great but I have noticed all the areas that still have some bulges or waves after the new re-roof is exactly where the first roof installers replaced sheathing. So either they didn’t do it correctly or the sheathing is warped. One of my request before the new shingles were installed, was to inspect the sheathing. The new roof installer said that he would warrant it but this was a big reason why I had the roof redone. The other reasons, of course, were because the first installers didn’t install anything correctly.

Should I demand that the new installers redo the areas that have the faulty sheathing? What are the long-term issues with this? thanks.

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If the roofers hand banged all the new and old sheeting nails to flush, than it is the best that can be done.

A lot of people gun nail the sheeting and dont go back and hand flush everything.
When you renail the sheeting, it will make the old fasteners stick up so you have to go back and hand bang everything back down flush.
But even though i go through pain staking ways to prevent this issue on every job
I can still find a dip or a high or low truss on every job. Period.


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After all the research that I have done, I want to think I know more about roofs now than my roofer. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t fix the sheathing while they had the shingles off. I will talk to the roofer next week. I’m sure it is just a cosmetic thing but I want to be sure it isn’t something that I will have to address in a few years.

So here is a picture of the reroof. The sheathing in this area was saturated with water after a heavy downpour of rain that occurred after a tornado went over the house. Should this sheathing have been replaced and are there any long term issues that will occur if I don’t address it now? I am concerned because insurance will pay for the damaged sheathing now instead of me paying for it later.

It may not be and probably isn’t the sheathing warped. Your rafters may be off a bit from settling which would result in the sheathing not being perfectly flat. The photo isn’t great but it does not appear to be a major issue. Relax and enjoy your new roof.

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Good looking shingles Fiona!
If that is the worst, i think you are ok.
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