Warped shingle roof - causes

Hi everyone,
am new to the forum… was very happy to find that there are some good knowledgeable people here…
I have a warped/dented shingle roof… a local chap assures me that it should not be leaking… but it seem like a reasonably sized warp/dent… Is this a reasonable diagnosis…?? Or should I go for emergency repairs…


That should be looked at by a roofing professional. Definitely looks like sagging sheeting caused by a leak. Also, those shingles look pretty old too, they could be too brittle to do a proper repair.

P.s. whatever someone did to your chimney (the silver stuff) is wrong and likely why you have problems in the area.

Agreed with Island Roofing, the sagging looks like plywood delamination from moisture caused by a leak. The “stuff” on the shingles looks to be moss which also provides testimony to residual underlying moisture and the silver “paint” looks like someone spray painted the flashings to cover the corrosion and likely oversprayed onto the shingles. Rather than replacing the oversprayed shingles, they framed the whole area with the spray paint to make it look uniform.

Yes, to the emergency repairs.

Those look like IKO Royal Victorian shingles, they are organic.

The shingles are starting to fail and you need a new roof, the sagging decking can be repaired when the new roof is installed.

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Thank you @IslandRoofing @Ivoman and Axiom … thanks to you all I have a better understanding of the problem…