Warranty dispute

I need help and advise on a home depot roofing installation services. I contracted home depot to install a new roof on my house in 2003 and it had a 30 year warranty on architectural type shingles. It’s been only 13 years and the shingles are very bad to the point that the its noticeable from afar. I contacted home depot for warranty and they sent me to the manufacturer to claim warranty as stated on my contract. The manufacturer turned around and said that the shingles supposedly installed are not their shingles and manufactured by another company. It turns out that the shingles are not architectural type shingles but 3 tab rampart manufactured by BP Canada which has a lawsuit in regards to these low quality shingles. My question is, do I have a case against home depot for breach of contract for installation of the wrong product? They have offered to install architectural roof but I will have to pay for the labor which is the cost of the roof that I paid way back in 2003. I believe I should not pay a single cent on that mistake. Please let me know if there is a case against the company. Thanks.

You need to consult an attorney. Sounds like you have a case but you’ll spend more on attorney fees than you’ll spend on a new roof. I’m not sure why anyone would purchase a roof through Lowes, Home Depot or Sears. You didn’t necessarily deserve what you got but you got what you paid for. Odd that you would now come to a professional contractor’s site for legal advice. Had you hired a professional contractor to install your roof to begin with, you wouldn’t have the need for legal advice.

Thanks for the reply. Well, how often do I have roof and shingles changed. this is the first time I actually had shingles changed and I have been in 3 different houses. As for the choice of roofing contractors, home depot also uses other contractors that are supposedly roofing contractors as well. I don’t know how or why the right shingles were not installed intently or not, at that point what I care about is how to make this right where I do not have to pay too much for that mistake. My mistake is going through home depot and trusting that they are reliable and reputable.

13 years would be a normal life for organics of that generation in my climate. What did the contract say you were supposed to get? Im guessing your in Canada, just about any shingle roof available here at the time would be just as crappy unfortunately.

Home depot provides no value added. They’ll sign the roof to some contractor you could find yourself. If something goes wrong, they’ll act like they never heard of you. Their people know nothing about roofing.

Find a couple of reputable contractors to look at your roof and provide you with a quote for installing shingles home depot is apparently going to supply. They’ll check the materials when they’re delivered to make sure everything is correct.

Good luck!

The warranty is for 30 years on architectural quality shingles.

Now I know NOT to deal with home depot on any installation services. But will there be a case to demand full replacement at no cost knowing it’s a breach of contract is the question.

I think you need to consult a lawyer in that case, roofing contractors are great at their profession, but you are now asking about a legal matter as it relates to contracts and such, which is an area roofers are not training (or maybe even legally allowed) to give advice on. I think it would be very dangerous for both you and us to give any legal advice here.

If I tell you “yes you have a case.” And you don’t and you lose, you could come and sue me for saying you do.

I know lawyers are expensive, but I am afraid at this point there is no way around it.

I wish you the best of luck.