Warranty Papers

Hi First like to say this forum is very cool. I stumbled across it one day, not sure how, but really have enjoyed reading it. Theres alot of good advice and its cool to hear about different roofing situations in different states. Me I’m from Florida. To my question does anyone have some examples of a Roofing Contract and a Roofing Labor warranty. I’m using generic ones I made up and I know there are areas I’m missing that will haunt me in the end if i don’t cover all my bases. Any Help would be much appreciated.

The best advise i can give you is to get a lawyer to draw up the contracts and warranty. This way you have a legal leg to stand on. I was just telling another member about this just today. I could send you stuff but its usless since im not in your state. Also it does not legally protect you against anything. Dont forget anything that could happen and will. You need professional about this stuff or you will lose jobs because of it. I can give you some ideas to talk to the laywer about but you will NEED to see one like a corporate one. Make sure your company and you are protected. I hope you are just not running around with DBA papers. Its not wise if you are.

Thanks for replying. I’m not sure where to find one of those but I bet the phonebook a good start :slight_smile: could you send what you got so I don’t go in there looking naive. Thanks so much if you could

Tracer, where in Florida are you located?

Don’t forget also that your paperwork has to have a ‘3 day right of cancellation’ clause… either written into the contract or on a separate page.

I use NCR type contracts; two pages that don’t need a carbon (messy…). You can list the additional contract terms on the back side of the page the customer gets to keep.

Depending on where you’re located, you might be able to get some free legal advice from a local small business association; not really sure where to point you in your town / area.