Was wondering about cost

Hi, I was just up on my roof cleaning the chimney and was thinking my 23 year old cedar shingles don’t look that great. I haven’t been in the attic for a while, but haven’t noticed any leaking.
It just got me wondering what a new roof would cost me. It’s ~1830 sq ft. two story. Maybe 1000 sq ft of roofing.
If I had someone put new roofing material on it, what would it cost me? I’m thinking either good 3 tab or metal. A ballpark figure is all I’m after since I haven’t a clue! Thanks!

way to many variables to even ballpark. could be anywhere from a few thousand to $20k plus. depends on the market in your area (prices are drasticly different in differnt parts of the country).how many storys, ease of access, is it cut up (lots of valleys and dormers) are the shakes going to be torn off first…to many questions. try to post some pics to get at least a better response.

…Yeah, what Marshall said x10.

Here in Texas, our prices are about 1/3 or more LESS than prices up North & in states where roofing is a state licensed trade.

Additionally, you can figure metal to cost 2½ to 3½ times the price of a similarly priced roof done in 30 year type shingles (here in Texas, anyhow).

lets get the sq footage rite first.
is it 1000 or 1830

1,830 is the total between two floors (said it was a 2 story home).

Thanks for the replies. It’s an L shape, standard pitch, w/ one skylite, one chimney. Located in the pacific nw. I was in the attic and didnt see any sign of water leaking. I should probobly take a picture to enclose. Actually, I only noticed a couple ridge caps that where starting to disintegrate. Maybe I can just replace what is bad. HOw long can cedar shake shhingles last? I was at an old 100+ year old farm house recently that still had original shingles (I think).

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we just did a complete shake tear off, decked and shingled an older home in the area(east coast), yes many variables to determine your actual pricing, its alot of work and landfill cost,not to mention time and materials, access,etc. You should get estimates from companies in your area. Many offer them at no cost. This will allow you to budget your cost and factors.

Hope this helps also.

PS the job here was approximately $12,000.00

Where in the states are you? Prices will be different in different parts of the country. In the north east you are going to pay more than in the south. It is hard to estimate how long a ceder shake roof could last because there are a lot of variables involved such as steepness of the roof, the steeper the roof is the less direct sun exposure it gets therefore it can last a little longer.

As far as installing a metal roof, you will first have to get the ceder shake removed, (often times by hand) after which you will have to install plywood and only then you can have a metal roofing system installed. The process is quite tedious, so you can expect to pay $1000.00 per square and up depending on other factors. If initial cost is out of your budget, than consider going with a the best asphalt shingle system you can find and have a reputable and proven contractor install it for you.

Good luck

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