Water Diverters. Problem or Solution?

I know water diverters can be a good thing. I would love some opinions on this. This is a new condo, less than 3 years old and the builder is still building. They discovered some issues - whether that is with design or installation I don’t know, but the solution was to add these diverters. I had no issues with water, however looking at this “solution” it seems poorly implemented. I am in the Northeast and it seems like this just opened up new ways for water to get in and in winter up under roof. Thoughts?

garbage installation,why upper side is outside? so water can get behind or its caulked there ,just regular tin would be sufficient,its not like these spots leak due to stalling water but overflow during the hard rain

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I would not call this a water diverter, but rather, it’s a “kick out flashing” and these are very important details. If done improperly, you’ll typically end up with water damaged wall sheathing.

Here a great resource from the US Dept of Energy on, of all things, how to properly install a kick out flashing: https://basc.pnnl.gov/resource-guides/step-and-kick-out-flashing-roof-wall-intersections

From your picture, it appears that the wall flange is installed over the outer surface of the vinyl siding. If this is the case, I would say that the detail is wrong. The only way to correct it will be to remove some of the vinyl siding, and install it as shown in the link above.


The only time tested and proven way to water proof, roof to wall butt joints, is with step flashing. One long metal piece is not acceptable.

There are many products out there that are meant to help with water runoff. Be careful with these products. For example, gutter guards is a very popular product that manufacturers will toy around with. Gutter guards work as advertised, problem is, they render gutters themselves ineffective.

The roof is not as complicated as it seems. Its components and method to provide PROPER water runoff can be simplified down to steps that can be counted on 10 toes and fingers(± 5 fingers).

However, mess up even one component or step, and the roof is not water proof. And this is the problem with untrained roofers. They may have all 19 steps down but is missing that one last crucial step.

I agree the kick out flashing should be behind the siding.

I am curious to know whats behind the kick out. You say this is there solution, but why is the j channel notched already? Seems to me they were going around something but there shouldn’t be a notch like that.

I don’t like that side wall where the gutter butts into the white block. So long as they I&W around it i guess its ok but it looks suspect to me. I could be overthinking your “issue” but seems how they were not specific they may be trying to hide the fact that wall could be getting wet. I would think due that odd siding / j channel, white block in the wall situation. Then again, i’m a roofer not a sider so can a sider chime in on that detail i noted.

What the hell are you talking about, 19 steps? Roofers only know about 12 step programs and we mostly shun them. Don’t give us 7 more!



Its only 7 more steps. You won’t have to deal with the roof again for another 15-20 years!

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Im here because I seek advice and give it at the same time. Some of them think that because I was a nail tech, that I don’t know what im talking about. To which I’ve proven them wrong.

That’s inaccurate. I’m guessing we think because you were a nail tech that you are a soft handed sissy that tries to figure out the trade without bleeding, sweating, risking major injury or developing callouses and back problems.

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Thats fine and all man. But if you want debate or point out the flaws in my advice regarding roofing, feel free to do so. Just stop with the personal attacks. Its getting childish.

I actually enjoy your posts and the back and forth, it’s humorous.Just don’t respect your condescending attitude towards the trade we have all put years into.

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But I don’t think I was being condescending at all. If anything, its probably you guys who are condescending, since you think that because I was a nail tech and that I’ve never roofed - that I know nothing about roofing.

Roofing is an important trade, just like plumbing. Which is why I naturally have respect for you guys, not a condescending attitude. However, I bring my own unique skills to the table, which is that being a top tier research/nail tech/general/etc. I can only add to your skillset, not take away, just like you guys add to mines.

Not too many tradespeople go online to research. They are busy working. And many think they know it all. In other words, most are closed minded(which isn’t always a bad thing) So since we are all here seeking more info, lets make it useful for us instead of the bantering. Channeling openmindness(in an effective way), is what will elevate the trade.

because I was a nail tech and that I’ve never roofed - that I know nothing about roofing.


“I can only add to your skillset, not take away, just like you guys add to mines.”

You add nothing to a roofers skill set, all your doing is googling or reading past posts then regurgitating it in a post here & the info is semi accurate at best.

The OP asked about rain diverters, you provided info on step flashing and gutter guards, its a kick out flashing but you didn’t mention it because you had no idea what it was. The very people you are at odds with here are long time roofers who are here to help those who have a question. Your welcome to google and post what you find, but your responses are clearly not from an actual roofer which is why these folks are irritated with you and now i am also.


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