Water getting behind gutters and getting on to the wood board behind fascia

Recently built roof by my brother and a family friend contractor. Switched out one gutter that was busted up in a hail storm and now I have water dripping off the edge of the fascia. Gutter was installed behind drip edge. We used ice and water shield 6 feet above eave and the shingles are overhanging about 3/4 of an inch. I don’t see signs of water on the boards of the roof either where the line of water is stemming from. Should I be looking for a roof repair or is this badly installed guttering by us? Any help is greatly appreciated. A side note I noticed is on the side where the water runs the front of the gutter almost hangs up above the roof line and then it levels out down towards the downspout.

I’d like to a see a pic of how the shingles are installed. Did u also overhang your “starter shingles”? If not that could be a possible cause.

I can get a picture out there soon but have been busy at work and at home. Starter shingles also overlap the gutter the same length as the other shingles.

I cant tell by the pic. What i understand is your getting water on the gable. Just grab more drip edge, overhang it long as possible over so itll drop water on the gutter. Or hell, just grab shingles, cut the top off them so you can fit them under your first row of shingles and create a 3 inch overhang instead of a 3/4 inch overhang

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I have a feeling it is an issue with the gutter itself. Is it sloped properly so the water can drain?

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