Water leaking from behind gutter

I’m in Hershey PA, and have a covered porch roof that never had a gutter on it for 5 years. I just had a gutter put on two days ago, and I’m having water leak from behind the gutter.

I called the company that put the gutter on and he said “he forgot to REMOVE the drip edge when he installed the gutter”. Do you think that will fix my issue, by him removing the drip edge? I’m new at this, and just want the leaking fixed.

I can try to post pics of my setup and make my own video if that will help you guys help me?

Drip edge goes inside the gutter. He should have slid the back of your new gutter up behind the existing edge metal.

edit* http://www.copper.org/applications/architecture/arch_dhb/gutters_downspouts/images/24.gif

Ignore that this spec says “copper”, the configuration will remain the same regardless of gutter material.

Oh, you mean the new gutter should be slid underneath the drip edge? I know the gutter slants to one side for where the water exists, hope that would still work.

Typical gutter pitch is 1/8th inch per foot. This may sometimes drop the back of the gutter below the drip edge. Normally we just cut long strips of aluminum trim coil to span the tapered gap that develops. Bottom line is you want the water going from your roof, onto your drip edge and into your gutter.

Is this on a sloped with shingles roof? Tar Monkeys post depicts a flat roof. But He’s right, the part of the dripedge that goes over the facia board should be over the back of you gutter.

He will have to use strips of metal no matter what…gutter hangers will only let you cover so much…

Thanks for the quick replies. The section of the roof where the gutter was put is 23 ft long. The gutter than was installed is pitched down somewhat to where the water exits down the spout on the left side. I’ll try to get some pics and get my ladder out. I want to be sure what needs to be done before he comes back monday.

I can tell you this. Before the gutter was put up, the same issue was occuring, even with the drip edge previously there and no gutter… WHen it would rain, the water didn’t just drip off the roof, it dripped back down over the soffit. This may also be because this roof only probably has a 5 inch pitch to it?

so ya got shingles on a flat roof??

Do you have shingle roof or flat roof?
If you have a shingle roof, what is the pitch on this roof?

It’s a shingle roof, but this roof doesn’t have much pitch to it. It’s a roof over a deck. I’m trying to attach pics. I mispoke earlier, he wasn’t going to remove the drip edge, he called me over the weekend and said he was going to "move the drip edge back a half inch. This guy doesn’t do anything with roofs, just downspouts, so that’s why I posted here to get some advice.

Dripedge shouldnt be so tight to facsia board,i always leave enough room to fit gutter hangers behind the drip…

If they install a gutter apron instead drip edge and rise the gutter and install behind the gutter apron,that solve the problem.

some bad pictures posted here. the gutter without being under the drip edge is wrong. do not even try to argue it. a continuous gutter can be almost dead level on a long run, use just enough fall that it drains. 1/8 per ft does not apply to solid gutters, it is not a sewer pipe. even sewer pipes do not always need to be 1/8 per ft. why do people who clearly are self taught or taught incorrectly give their opinions? the diagram of the gutter under the metal is good just be sure you have some base under the edge metal, metal on plywood bad, on base good. if the gutter has leaf block on top and only catches water, how much water will be left behind on a fall of 1/100 of an inch per yard? How much does it matter? i did not read all the posts. why did god make the devil? why are we surrounded by idiots?

" i did not read all the posts"

You should really stfu right there because unless you’ve read all the posts on this thread any BS blanket statements you toss out are just that. As far as being “surrounded by idiots?” perhaps you should check the mirror bud, because last I checked there weren’t any roofers carrying MENSA cards.

I dont know why you keep surrounding us?? :?:

I think most people here could do without roofing lessons from a pseudo-intellectual that works for Home Depot… I don’t take offense at words, I do however get annoyed at ignorant blanket statements.

lt is not so serious issue.
You can contact your roofing company and discuss your problem with them. It’s their job to do the work efficiently and I am sure they’ll listen to you and provide you much better services.
And if any issues occur in future also, they would definitely be available to solve them.

Yeah, 1" furring strip(spacer) should be behind the drip edge & the gutter slides between the strip & the drip.
While your at it you might consider this lovely downspout.


“Like” mine & I’ll “like” yours…

Roofer Mike

I disagree with the style of gutter hanger.
The gutter hanger should be angled instead of straight.
That way he can get his gutter up underneath the eve metal and still install his screw.

He will need to put metal strips as discussed to fix this.
This will stop the water from coming behind the gutter.

but even this will not solve your problem.
Your problem is with the Architect shingles installed on a 2/12 pitch. Your problem is water getting under the shingles and coming through your soffit.
Replace your Flat roof with flat roofing material.
When gutters fail, water doesnt come through the soffit.
When shingles fail on the bottem two feet, soffits leak.