Water ponding on a new low-slope roof - any solutions?

Dear all, we just installed a new roof (modified bitumen with Dibiten Poly/4 APP, one ply with aluminum coating). We are located in San Francisco.

San Francisco recently start to rain and had a lot of fog (fog season now), and we noticed that the new roof has a water ponding area. See photo here:


My questions:

  1. Does this type of water ponding OK? As the water seems to sit there for a while now, and the surface area with water start to turn rusty color (not sure why). If the water continue to sit there for a while, could that potentially create some bigger problem (in SF we have fog all year round, and sometimes sun does not come out very often)?

  2. Usually how would a professional roofer handle/address this type of problem?


the easiest is to add an interior roof drain in the low spot.

Your question has been answered in 3 other forums already.

I suggest now, since you didn’t look up the answers, that you lay some sod over the water holding areas and apply for an Energy Stimulus Grant for a Green Roof.

Or, you can throw some fish food in the puddle and raise some Gold Fish.


You should change your name to Ed the answer man.

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Ed,what type of fish do you think are best for a situation like this? :smiley:

profesional here.

leave it the hell alone,
until someone complains about it, or
it leaks.


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that section looks like it was an internal gutter, or at least a level change.
Perhaps you can open the perimeter at one end and put a scupper in.
Or put a dropper in at the lowest point (if you can get into the ceiling space.)