Water runs behind the gutter

i recently had a new roof and gutters installed. On one section of the roof I have noticed when it rains the water is getting behind the gutter and running down the fascia board. I noticed this on three different spots on the same gutter. the contractor told me he used drip edge. Any ideas on what could be causing this problem and what can be done to correct it.

re-hang the gutters correctly.

Not sure what is meant by "installing drip edge"
Did he use the right size? Did he install it into the gutter or behind it? Did he overhang his shingles correctly?

Either he is treating you stupid, or he is stupid

I’m not sure what you mean by “did he sue the right size”?

Drip-edge needs to be installed so it is over the back of the gutter to be effective. Sometimes on longer gutter runs the gutter must be dropped much lower than the drip edge in order to maintain the correct pitch to facilitate water flow. In this case you need to install strips of aluminum coil stock (or whatever material your gutter is made from) under the drip edge and extend it down into the gutter so that any water running over the drip goes down the coil and into the gutter.

h.o., the drip or the first course of shings should line up w/ the middle of the gutter.

We call that a “drip edge extension”

If the DE and shingles reach out 1 1/2", there wouldn’t be a problem. Doesn’t really matter how low the gutter is. Correct spec if for the front edge of the gutter to be lower than the plane of the roof in snow country.


I’ll eventually get the gutter on. Neither ice nor water reach my fascia. The shingle is about 1" past the DE to prevent water wicking onto the DE and down the fascia. You can see how far the water wicked in the second pic.


If the DE and shingles reach out 1 1/2", there wouldn’t be a problem. Doesn’t really matter how low the gutter is.

Sorry, that is incorrect.

Well, I did exaggerate a bit, but getting the right overhang is critical. I’ve varied it according to the gutter situation I was faced with at the time.

never ever ! install a roof flush with the drip edge.
Always overhang. 1/2 off the drip is the norm for a gutter. never forget about capillary action “wicking”