Wavy Deck

I saw a new roof with 3-tab shingles on it and it loks very wavy like if the rafters are not layed out nice and even .

This waves are from the deck

Just wanted to ask your experiences regarding this common problem .

I would also like to know how to fix this problem. My roof has a couple of waves, but I think it is from the plywood bowing under. Not sure though.

usually i think its the plywood bowin down more than the rafters bein to high.

but it wouldnot supprise me if it was rafter related.

well if new plywood dont work then i like to tell the h/o it gives the house character.
while lookin at them crazy.

works for me.

i try to stay out of rafter restructuring.

its best for me to call a carpenter at that point.


Once you do the tearoff, run a stringline from L to R, nail to nail (tugged down to the top of the deck).

Do this in one big zig zag (more like a squared zig zag) & look for dips.

The fast method is to lay a 3’ level on the deck & look for gapping.

For the vast majority of 30yr+ roofs, minor ‘waving’ isn’t going to be noticed & isn’t a concern provided it’s not a rotten section or a structural flaw that will create shingle failure.

It’s not too hard to fix & is easy $$ IMO… remove decking, lay the stringline out tight & do a “truss up” with new 2x6’s. Redeck with new pieces if the old deck is bowed.

I usually charge about 45.00 per 8' run of rafter, + 20.00 if they want it drilled & bolted vs. nailing. This is in addition to my rate of $ 85.00 per piece of 1/2" decking.

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