We will pay Sub-Roofers $100.00 per sq. lay/remove

We are located in Florida. South east coast. If you are experienced or have a crew that is we need to talk. We are paying $100.00 per sq. for residential shingles with tear off. You must be able to do the job unsupervised. Email to Sales@codysroofing.com

i see your amount paid went up twenty dollars a square in a week? for all the demand there is in florida, thats still crap money. guys are driving down from new hampshire to massachusetts cut-throating at $150 a square labor for a tear off. I can’t imagine youre going to get too many takers with those numbers. Indiana rates are lower, thats the only I’ve seen so far. getting $100 a square for new construction here and your economy isnt much lower in southeast florida, thats not enough to make a living even there.

well I know a construction mangement company down there is south florida and they are getting the jobs for 500 dollars a square and some people are hiring guys for 2 weeks not paying them and going out of business so if you are looking at 400 a square left do you really need to make 300 a square to not do anything but set up jobs and pull permits.

I have sent 3 emails to you with no reply. If you want to contact me
614-851-2300 or www.3brothersroofing.com I have a crew of 6-10 depending on who wants to travel. We are all experienced. No supervision needed. Greg

Thats good money in Virginia the average price is 225-260 per square labor and materials

I wonder what he is paying in FL now?