Wearing a harness on a shake roof is more dangerous then not

The god damn lanyard is catching on the shake and it is driving me crazy. An OSHA rep. told me they probably would’nt accept a written saftey plan demonstrating why the rope and harness would be more dangerous. They would tell me to use guardrails, which are difficult to set up and tear down in a mud pit new construction site were the house is 2 stories in front and 3 in back. Has anybody had experience with harnesses on shake roofs?

Ya,it really does suck. Its one of those things that you just have to(try and) get used to :roll:

Yes it blows, I call my rope “Hinder” because that’s all it does all day :).
Try and get a shorter lanyard. I’m 6’2" and my lanyard hangs just around my ankles, and smacks them as I walk too. And the rope catches valley shingles and rips them up, and snags caps too. And it also… gah never mind…I hate the rope N harness, but I hate $5000 fines even more.

I am also 6’2" and i feel your pain especially in my ankles. The shorter lanyard seems like the trick, i have been requesting them for awhile. The most annoying thing about the harness (which is a long list) is it getting caught on nails during a tear-off. The nails tear into the rope and acctually you could get fined for faulty equipment including rope degradation. Even more annoying is commercial jobs that require hard hats on the roof at all times.

This Sh@t takes all the fun out of roofing.

Commercial projects = Hard Hat at the top of the ladder, and steel toed boots at the bottom. WCB “theory” is, when you leave the roof, you put on your hard hat, descend the ladder, change into your steel toes, do what you have to do on the ground (grab the chalk line you forgot in your truck) then go back, change footwear again, up the ladder, remove hat, get back to what it was you were doing. Which is now lost on you because you just spent 20 minutes getting a chalk line lol.

Ahh yes, the joys of “Safety”

BTW, if your OSHA or WCB guys stop by and you are geared up properly, demand that they give you a recommendation or whatever they have down there. I do it all the time here, the “safety officers” don’t like it because it’s paper work (although they don’t mind writing you fines). I figure they waste my time by calling me off the roof to talk, so I waste theirs with paperwork. I know two “safety occifers” who won’t even stop at my jobsites anymore, they just smile and wave on the way by, and that’s how I like it :mrgreen:

We need a president(and spouse) of whom has always loved this country.
Of whom will not send out legions of officers/offices to hurt, impede its people.
Freedom to decide What is safe for you ?
Freedom!!! what a concept…
Don’t just make up crimes every two seconds out of thin air.
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This goverment is destroying JOBS with its motives and intentions of the Enviromental Protection Agency and OSHA and countless other offices.
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Maybe just on shakes a SRL would work?