Weather limitations

Whats the highest winds you will shingle in? I called it off today, we got 15-20 mph sustained and 50-60mph gusts after lunch. Not in the mood to fight with that this morning.

just according to the pitch and height of the job. Can’t blame you for calling ti off.

I can’t put a number on how high it gets, but generally, when the shingles start flying off of the bundles while I’m nailing is a good sign to abandon ship!

If I have to stop more than once before I get off of the ladder to the roof, that’s a good sign too.

Yesterday, I was up 3 stories and right before I was about to climb up onto the roof, this gust came out of nowhere and literally lifted me off the ladder. I’d say that was a good sign.

One time, I was doing this job that was 3 full stories up (40’ ladder stretched to the max).

The contractor wanted me to put up (2) 43’ seamless gutters during a storm. He was a desk jockey who “worked” as a roofer for a couple of years and thought he was a pro.

I told him no way. Not that day. The winds were steadily in the 15-20 range with 50mph gusts (heard reports later that 70mph gusts were also recorded that day locally).

He told me he’d get someone else to do the job, I told him to be my guest. I’ll be back to finish the roof the next good day.

Just for fun, I go by later that day and see this crew up there putting the finishing touches on the last gutter. I start talking to the leader and I notice 120+’ of MANGLED gutters. Trying my best to “not” laugh out loud I asked him what happened.

He told me that 3 times they tried to get that side and 3 times the winds caught the gutters and damn near pulled the guys down. It took 5 men to put (1) 43’ gutter (2 on the top of the roof tied off with ropes and the ropes nailed to the ridge, 3 on ladders).

One guy fell when the winds came and blew over the left side 40’ ladder taking him down with it while he was 1/2 way up. He went to the hospital.

The lead guy was p’d as all heck. His boss was another desk jockey who wanted the job done at all costs just to prove that it could be done.

Anything could be done at a certain cost…in that case, the cost of the hospital bill, the lost time in labor + the lost material that would end up be scrap metal). All installed (labor and material) for $6/ft. :roll:

NO JOB is worth my life. Period.

Shangle - I usually call it a day whenever I feel uncomfortable. In those conditions, I would have ended the day as well.

When I start playing 52 pickup with shingles, it’s home time.