Weathered wood

Can someone distinguish the color of GAF vs the Landmark weathered wood? Is one lighter? Browner or grayer? Do you think this will go on a brown house?

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. I believe there are distinguishable differences between the GAF and Certainteed Weathered Wood shingles. I personally prefer the Certainteed version of weathered wood based on color. FWIW, I also personally prefer the Certainteed shingles over GAF from a quality perspective. Both of those statements are a perspective based upon my own personal opinion.

Weathered Wood is an earth tone shingle and should go well with most browns. Why don’t you take a sample of each and hold them up at various places around your house, in the sunlight, to form your own opinion?

we replace a lot of old cedar roofs and they want the look of a real weathered cedar roof, GAF weathered wood is the best match and looks the best, IKO cambridge weathered wood is also very close, Certainteeds version dosent look as natural. Keep in mind im in conservative taste New England.

Personally I prefer the look of GAF weathered wood. Grab a sample of the types your interested in, 4 shingles or so, and place them as they would be applied in a few different areas. Place them in and out of the shade, and see which you prefer.

GAF Weathered Wood, like Pabco is more of a Brown color, where the Certainteed is more greyish than brown.

And yes, the Certainteed would look wonderful on your house, they always do :mrgreen:

I’ve seen a roof on a few houses that kind of looks brown, tan, gray and blue. Any idea what color that might be?


Driftwood yes - I think that’s it. How do you think that will look on a house w brown siding?

Weathered Wood or Driftwood would look fine IMO. You might want to look at Certainteed’s mission brown its another real nice color, but its all up to you and your taste. :slight_smile: