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What’s up people. I’ve been roofing about 7 years just started a new company. How the hell do you set up a web page. I’m a damn roofer not a cpu tech.

For great prices on websites just for roofers,check out WWW.Roofwebs.com

yeah thats prolly your best bet unless you wanna become a geek, if you wanna learn to DIY then start by getting something like MS frontpage and start learning the ropes, its a brain drain but anyone CAN do it just takes a bit of time. Wife probably all ready mad you come home late from roofing wait till you come home and go to work for hours on the computer learning to do your own website, prolly float like a lead brick. :slight_smile: lol

I did ours myself because I have some computer backround but there were still some things that didn’t come out right. I know better now but it’s just way too time consuming. Even setting up a pre-formed webpage via some kind of template system will consume a nice block of your time. A cheap webpage done by a pro will run aprox 6-8K. Your best bet is to find someone local who is going to school for web design and hire them. Students work cheap in most cases and are heppy to get some experience in their chosen field.

The site that John mentioned is part of The National Roof Group Forum and the cost right now is Extremely Cost Efficient, (It Will No Longer Be Free To NRG Members), to have a basic site built and will produce results and the hosting starts out at ONLY $ 40.00 per year. Yes, thats right…Per YEAR.

Go and sign up to be a free member and get some of the benefits.


Our website is “home-made”. I used to be a comp-sci in college and a geek in high-school… so we do it our-self. Besides, unless u pay a lot of money, you wont get a good site. Bear in mind that there is alot more than how the site looks… optimization for the “reader” and the search engine is a must. Of course you can advertise on Google, but that is way too expensive as competition is enormous.

About NRG ( roofwebs )… their sites look all the same, so i don’t really think it is a good option. Besides they promote NRG more than you… However it is a start.

Find some geek-cousin /nephew in your family, and have him/her do it for ya :mrgreen:

Good luck man.

Oh, and stay AWAY from quality-smith and service-magic type of services… they are crap!

cool thanx and about service magic is it worth paying them money for leads or do the screw you.

You will be chasing a LOT of tire kickers if you sign up with SM.

Also, you will find out, that if you do not contact the HO immediately, they have already turned off their answering machine, because they have already been deluged by a large quantity of other hungry contractors.

It can work, but you have to select the right target and not take too wide of a diversification for lead sources or geographical territories.

Many other posters on the ContractorTalk Forum also state that SM owns multiple named Lead Generation subsidiaries, which also then get sold the lead, for those separate entities to disperse to their direct client base too, so now you have added to additional low-ball competition.


to KnK:

STAY away from those guys. They will screw you! How about coming to an estimate and meeting another roofer there?.. Besides, people you go out to meet through those guy really don’t give a crap about you or your time… they are price shopping. Better invest your money into a decent website.

PM me if you need some help with that.

To Tar Monkey:

What is your site any way - i’d like to look at it man.

Our current site is at werkheiserroofing.com.

I’ve re-done all the art since and never got to finish the gallerys. The main problem was that I didn’t know how to make the windows resize themselves to fit the viewers monitor res. So it doesn’t look quite right unless you’re viewing in the same res than what it was created with. Now that I know how to fix it I just don’t have the time.

Plans are in the works to turn the new artwork over to a development company and add a small amout of flash but the cost is around 8k so it will either have to wait until business normalizes around here or if we have a slow winter I may have time to rebuild it myself. I already have the art work done and lay out sketches, it’s just a matter of time or money at this point.

Most people nowadays have at least 1024x768 resolution (96 % of our site visitors) so it is not worth worrying about the other 4% (800x600 and bellow) living under the rock.

Man, I would stay away from all the flash and fancy artwork. It slows down your site and annoys visitors. That is just my 2 cents…

And i noticed your content is actually all graphics (images)… Google will never index that, so you will only rely on direct traffic…

Well it was a first attempt and needs to be totally redone regardless so I see no reason to not make the pages size themselves according to the viewer’s res. Also didn’t have it in mind to muck it all up with Flash either, just one thing in particular I wanted. As far as people hitting it? It was more made to give our current or prospective customers a little extra education than to solicit any actual business off the internet. The focus was to try and educate the customer on some basics so they can ask better informed questions. It also cuts down on answering routine questions on the phone which frees up people to do other things.

Maybe now the focus might change a little as this year is noticable slower than last year, at least as far as full tear offs go. Last year we were turning away work and couldn’t handle any more than we had, so no reason to advertise.

I posted this in Roofing Business, but didn’t see that y’all were talking about this on “Construction & Technique”…

My site is up now; RanchHandRoofing.com & I can ask my design guy if he’s interested in taking my template & changing it over with content & photos that are more specific to other users.

It’s still into the update & adjustment mode, so don’t get too wrapped up on the way it looks right now.