Website Estimater

Im building my roofing website and wana give a generic estimate tabulator on it, you would have to enter your physical address for the estimate and then the estimater will give your a general estmate of the costs. does anyone know of a company that can build such an estimater for websites



That is a horrible idea. You want to get in the home to build trust before you give a price. Sell quality not price!!! If they have your price…which is what they will think it is…your phone will not ring.

I agree with what they are saying.

Ding Ding Ding! A million points to those who posted before me.

I think posting prices for repairs is good though.

A roof calculator is on some sites, where the user has to enter dimensions and pitch, and I believe the zip code too. Then is calculates an “Approximate” average cost, which I really wish was the true sales costs, because it reflects the very high end price ranges.

You can also use the “Cost Versus Value” report put out by Replacement Contractor Magazine to set a bar for the averages.


Wow, we’d all be in trouble, I think, if we gave our prices away before we showed up on the scene. Then the lowest bidder would win every time, and you can bet the lowest bidder is going to do a terrible job.

A good salesman will show the HO his value - not just his price.

I’m with Greentree’s reply, don’t do it!!

I agree with everyone else. But it is a great idea to grab their contact info to generate a lead some other way. Maybe to offer a free pdf outlining what to look for in a roofing contractor. If you can get them curious you can get a safe lead without giving out prices.