Is a web site really that necessary because word of mouth has been working pretty well right now. If I do make a website how will people see it.

People will see your website if you put your website address on business cards, phonebook ads, etc. You can also submit you website to major search engines like Google and Yahoo. For more information on this, check out the website I used to build my own site… Granted its not a professionally designed site, but then again its more for information and photos than anything else.

You should think of a website as your “internet business card”. It is a way for anyone to find out information on you in an “impoersonal” manner, i.e. they can see what you look like, how professional you seem to carry yourself, if you have any particular credentials, etc. It’s also a great resource for references & pictures of jobs you have done & are proud of.

I recently got my website up & running & for the most part, I’m pretty happy (I want to update or tweak the content a little bit).

Unless you intend to do some sort of internet commerce (i.e. take payments through the site or sell T-Shirts that have your face on it & says “World’s Best Roofer”), then your content & design should be a bit easier than most.

If you happen to like the general design & layout of my site, my builder can do one for you @ a very competitive price (it’s not his full time gig & this means he’s not relying on it for his only source of income).

If you advertise online in any way (I do a fair amount through CraigsList), it’s a great way for your name to work for you when you’re not working… (if that makes any sense).

Plus, what was mentioned in the prior post is what’s called “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization.

Additionally, a GOOD website designer should be up to date with all the requirements for EVERY web page viewer, not just one or two (there are actually more than just Explorer; Mozilla / FireFox, NetScape, Opera, Safari, etc).