Im looking for some honest oppinions on my website.

Seems fine. Use a little bigger type.

i like it looks good

I like it.

the only thing im not a fan of, is “welcome to our NEW website”.

first of all, everyone who reads that, already knows its a website. no need to insult their intelligence.

second, some people will interpret “new website” as “new company” and move on to the next guy who says “Welcome to Jones Roofing, serving the Larwill Indiana area since 1984”

I like it. simple, clean and professional looking. I am assuming you will ad a projects page and more pictures correct? a history page might not hurt either.

I agree with what you guys are saying agape and gates roofing. Gatesroofing what do you mean by a history page?

A history page tells how your company started, all about the owner, and the workers, where your office is located, what you specialize in, and what areas you service.

Thanks for the input very appreciated! :smiley:

looks a hell of alot better than mine! As soon as the rains start, I need to make mine better.

FOnt is too small. Your SEO needs work. Look at lines 6 & 7 for instance:

Your pictures are generic and don’t really show a potential client anything.

What is SEO? Generic? These are pictures from jobs we have done. Not photoshop.

“What is SEO?” Backlinks, keywords, content, site description, site content description, Google Verifier codes, Google Urchin code, etc,

Generic? These are pictures from jobs we have done. Not photoshop.
Ok. The home page shop. It’s obviously a picture of a house you built from the ground up. I can tell by the all inclusive photo taken from across the street.
Or, could it be about the deck? Or the roof? Or the landscaping?
Same for your other photos. There is nothing specific or confidence inspiring in any of them.
Now, close up shots of a crew doing something specific, or detailing something specific would tell a story.

And, the more written content, the better for G to read and understand.

Its nice. Small to point. I would word it welcome to you home and the next step towards your biggest investment needs. Need more pages and fill the screen like agape and i do. check my site out just for reference.

Contact info should be large enough to not have to look for it. I would also recomend a call to action such as “Call Today” or “Call Now”