Wed Offline Residential Marketing ideas call- anyone else?

Just a quick invite to see if anyone else wants to join us for the call this Wednesday night where I’ll be sharing info on effective offline marketing for residential jobs.

I am reserving lines later today. If you want to be part of the call and have not RSVP’d yet, please do so here. Let me know you want to join us.

Later today I’ll be sending out the number for you to use to be part of the call.

If you want to know more about this- read the thread on What are you planning for marketing in 2010.


Im in, I think im on the list but just wanted to make sure.

Aroofing- Yep. You are all set.

count me in

Me too. Where do I find the number, etc?

B and J Roofing
Atlanta, GA


I’ll send you the info directly. I made line reservations from the responses here.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Thanks all for your time on the call last night.

Let me know if you have any ideas, feedback or input you’d like to share about it.

Talk to you soon,

What happened i sent you 2 messages and you ask me for something and no you wont respond. Whats going on?

I sent you a message from my private account like you asked last night at 10:22 pm PST. Just sent it again.

Please let me know if it does not come through.

Tried to send an email from this account earlier today but this forum system did not want to send.

Thanks for the heads up regarding you not receiving what I emailed yesterday.


Your going ot have to pm me im not getting your emails it might be the way my stuff is setup.