Weirdest Roof Call Ever

Got a call today from a woman who said she had a hole in her roof from a rocket. Ok, I’m outside and maybe she said a rock so I ask her again. She is quite serious that she has a rocket sticking through her roof. I’m thinking is this a prank so I bite and ask her what kind of rocket like a toy? She says no she thinks it is from space.

Ok, this merits a site visit from a salesmen ASAP. Sure enough he calls back and informs me there’s a metallic rocket lodged in her roof and even sends me pics. We have a signed contract to remove the rocket tomorrow morning and seal up the roof.

WTF??? It’s about 4-6 inches in diameter and maybe 4-6 feet long. I am thinking either military or failed science experiment. Certainly not a space ship. It’s freaking sticking through the roof.

Sidewinder, Sparrow, IDK??? Anyone ever heard of anything like this??? I’ll try to post pics tomorrow…

Just keep an eye out to see which neighborhood kids are hanging around watching and ultimately come up and ask if they can have the rocket.

famous, I think it is appropriate that you got this call, karma dude. LOL

here is your answer:

if it was a real “rocket”, her house, and most of the neighborhood would likely be destroyed. I’m willing to bet your weekly profits, that its a scale model rocket.

My guess is it’s the genuine article which would have the type of ballistic skin needed to punch a hole through a roof rather than crush itself into an aluminum ball at the surface. If it is I would NOT remove it, I’d take a lot of pictures though and then call somebody who dresses like the Hurt Locker crew does!

model rocket, most likely…did it look like this?

…sorry, never mind :?

Have one of your helpers stand on the roof to hold it steady. Go into the attic and use a sledge hammer to drive it back out the roof. Just beat on the nose only so as not to deform it any.

I am really looking forward to seeing these pictures. Also the link to “let me Google that for you” is hilarious!


Just tell the customer that the rocket was intended for ur anus and hit her roof instead.

That happens all the time.Just the other day I was called because a woman said that her skylight was letting in to much light.

So I asked her if that was the reason for the aluminum foil she had wrapped around her head and she said yes.Made sense to me.

What was odd though was the little ball of foil twitching on her counter top but come to find out it was her yorkie.That also made sense.



I can’t make this crap up. Turns out it was just an oversized model rocket with a parachute deployment problem. Nose cone actually punctured the roof decking. I really can’t believe my salesman thought it was military and home owner thought it was from outerspace. Funniest $250 I made in a while. It was only the start of a very weird day.


Irony is that my 8 year old calls me “Big Daddy” all the time. Another pic:

A client then calls me up today after the “rocket attack” and says he has a few shingles missing from his garage. I roll up in the hood and begin laughing my butt off. A few shingles? It gets better… I get on the roof to figure why all the shingles are missing and realize they were installed with a slap stapler. That’s right 3 (not 4, no need to get carried away here!) staples each shingle with a 3/8 inch arrow t-50 type stapler.

Genius. I never dreamed of installing shingles with a slap stapler. No need for electricity or air compressors. No need to uncoil those pesky air lines. Why buy an expensive $300 nail gun when you can buy a $15 slap stapler (Hammer Tacker) and a $6 box of staples. My only regret is I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Think of all the repeat business and insurance work after every 25 mph wind. I used to hate tear offs but now it’s a breeze. I can now do tearoffs with a leaf blower. I love it!!!

for some reason i believe ya…

Rut Row, the price of roof replacements in OK just went down to $145 per square. famous, I can see your dream of being the largest roofing company in OK coming to fruition!


$145??? Why be greedy? $100 per square all day long baby. Could do overlays for $80! Brilliant concept. A cheap roof that needs replaced after every storm.

A guy could just offer flat rate roof pricing like $1,500 roof special. Sign a contract for wal-mart and start doing installs.

arrow us to make a slap staper it used a 1 inch wide crown 3/4 in lenth leg work good on ply wood 3 ply but not on 4 ply or 1 x decking
this contractor in town would use anybody that would work at his price, this guy came thru town did ajob for him used 3/8 staper on the whole roof when in got his money, contractor went out didnt get up on the roof and check it, paid him on top of that it was a roof over.

:biggrin: hahaha i was missing famous posts glad to see hes still around need a good laugh after slaving on a roof all day

Staple roof job update:

Client called and wants me to tear off and shingle front half of this roof. He wants me to reuse some of these white three tab shingles to fix blown off shingles on the back half.

Wait, it gets better. Wait for it… The new roof on the front half will be weatherwood architectural while the back half will be 3 tab white. I guess I’ll put weatherwood ridge on to match the front!!! Listen, I’m going to do it anyway because it pays and I can’t wait to tear off these shingles. I am going to try the leaf blower for a tear off. I must be careful not to damage these shingles so I can reuse them for the back side. LOL!!!Client was adamant that I use drip edge since I did a roof for him the other day and explained the benefits of drip edge on low slope roofs.

This guy has hundreds of houses …

Promise you’ll video the “blow off” for a youtube premier of roofing gone wrong! Thanks for some great stories/laughs.

I think this could be the making of a new TV Reality Show “Famous, roof whore for slum lord”

How old is that “stapled” roof?

Seems odd that with all the storms that went thru Tulsa managed not to remove the entire roof.

I have seen some roofs that were nailed high and they were ripped pretty bad.For a shingle to be nailed with a 3/8" staple that roof would be damaged severely.

Sorry but I don’t buy it.