Well heres the bad news

Im going back to get more back surgery this time before Christmas. Just my luck

Now that is bad news, You just went through this recently. Happy holidays, eh? :frowning:

That sucks.

Do you really need the back surgery, or is your doctor just trying to make a payment on his mistress’s fake boobs? In other words is your back giving you problems again or is your doctor recommending this? Having a close family memeber working in the medical community I find that alot of doctors recommend alot fo un-needed procedures for their own profit and/or laziness.

Left leg is numb again and had a second opinion the fusion never fully healed and thats why he has to go back in.

Is this covered under his workmanship warranty?

Let’s hope it is minor and only requires some “tweaking” in order to get you fully healed again. Best of luck and best wishes for a safe and happy Holiday.

have you heard of ozone therapy? It works wonders i put my life on it. youll have to do a lil research on it as far as the back problem, but i could save you the trouble and pass a phone number to you if youre interested. its inexpensive, the guy you will talk to can tell you everything you want to know in a phone call and it beats the hell out of back surgery. It has a lot of bad hype by unknowledgable people or drs who fear it actually putting them out of biz.but there isnt anything bad about it. the deal is… the money is in the medicine and the treatment… NOT THE CURE its oxygen with an extra molecule. i suggest you read the wikapedia definition or dictionary version to get non bias factual information about it. it will cure any disease, detoxify you, regrow tissue and bone… its AWESOME its healthy it works. ive seen it bring a dead black ganggreen foot back to life. ill post pictures if you dont believe it. hey… look at it like this, i have nothing to gain from telling you this. you have tried every other option and it didnt work why are you going to try again. give something else a shot. the worst it can do is leave you a little healthier than you are now… back surgery can leave you crippled. anyway im off the soapbox now… i can lead a horse to water…

Will it replace Viagra or Cialis?

Physical erectile dysfunction can be segregated into three classifications:

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  2. Outflow of blood is NOT impeded sufficiently
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  • score the biggest damn roofing job out there

this is a roofing forum right? i had to make the post relate. but that does help none the less at least for me it does… lol.

I trust my dr and i after a ct scan, MRI and xray here is what happened. The fusion never fully healed and that is my fault getting back to work to early and i have bone spirs that have mad the sciatic nerve very upset either way they must go in. Thank for the support guys. When i get the surgery done i will have all the time in the world to help people and post alot more. Aside from that since i just did ball joints on my truck im thinking that was a seriously bad idea i feel like a truck drove over my back. I have a big issue with paying for car repair long story short so i could save my father money i became certified by the wonder state of michigan so he knew it would be done right. So in other words i think my working on cars days are now over. The only reason as mentioned before was for my father and i have the mechanical aptitude to do such things and i dont like paying labor and jacked up parts prices when i can do it myself. Today was not a good idea.

Thank for all the support it means alot to me guys.

As far as the other option that was suggested i think im just going to do things conventional since if this nerve becomes cut i will have a dead leg its called sciatica.

sorry to hear that