Wet felt and crumpled ice guard

I live in Alaska and am having a pitched roof installed over my flat roof. Trusses are up and decking laid except for a ridge along the top large enough for workers to get in and out of. GC had roofer come out yesterday to lay felt and ice guard where he could. GC crew covered ridge opening and some of felt when they left. It rained last night. Now the uncovered area of felt is expanded and bubbly, like wet paper when it dries. Also, I assume because crew is still going up and down with tools and drywall, the ice guard has slid down into long crumples I would guess from the frequent walking on it. Roofers won’t be able to shingle until roof is closed up in about 7 more days. I took photos, which I hope I post or link properly. Anyway, my question is has the integrity of the felt or ice guard been compromised by this? Thanks for any input. Since I’m a new user this forum wouldn’t let me post an url to photos. If you want to see them you can go to picasa web albums. My photos are under “candle burner.”

Howdy Candleburner,

I couldn’t find your photos, but let me give you some general info about the problems you described…

It sounds like your roofers used 15# or 30# felt for the shingle underlayment. It has a paper mat, which does buckle when it gets wet… but it tends to lay flat again after the Sun dries it out.

If the shingles get laid while the felt is still bucked, it’s better to slice the buckles with a utility knife so the shingles lay nice and flat. Don’t worry about the cuts in the felt, as shingles can shed water just fine with no felt at all.

I wouldn’t want to cut the Ice and Water shield though. That should be intact to give you a secondary water barrier in the event that ice dams back up water under the shingles.

Smart move going with a sloped roof by the way. I discuss that in Chapter One of my roofing guide.

ice/water shield will buckle just like felt when installed exactly as directed.
It needs the slice just like the felt. The only good thing about it is the nails are truely better protected.
Such as shingle roofing over a 1x6 deck with lots of air holes.
“the ice guard has slid down into long crumples” sounds like GAF product. Scars real easy. You cant stand on it period without scaring it. Am i right?