What about this one? LOL

prolly gonna start this one next week, along with the other one.

this is a 1 layer, over 1x8s. gable end vents only. They have had the pipe flashings replaced once because squirrels chewed up the old lead ones…

and these babys are the original “BIRD” brand shingles (they still have the reciept!!) from when the house was built… in 1962. LOL

and yes. it leaks. BAD.

Had to check the manufacturer out for asbestos when I see a roof this old.
terrellhogan.com/asbestos/as … ility.html

-Roof Coating
-Roofing Cement
Looks like the shingles were ok.

Interesting fact. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s everybody and their uncle made 15 year shingles that you KNEW were going 17-18 years minimum, and often 20+.
Now, we see improved shingles rated for 30 years that are good for almost 15, maybe.

Stormer - Thanks for the link!!

Tinner - Wait till you see the 30 year shingles i post next… they look almost as bad as those 3-tabs. freakin crazy.

What did they cost in 62?

Wow! I’ve never seen a roof that bad. Thanks for sharing the pics.


looks like my house! iko aristocrats/organics, only about 20 yrs. old too! only the sunnyside looks like that, the 30lb. paper i used is whats buying me time.


What did they cost in 62?[/quote]

the whole roofing job was $1,400. didnt specify the shingle price alone. that was mat/labor both.

Man brother… I don’t see anything wrong with those shingles… A little worn, but I think they have some life left in them…

Ha! I don’t know how people let things get that bad!!! Have fun and be safe with that one. No telling how bad those 1x8s are…

Are you charging anything extra on labor? The problem with a roof that’s gone to this age is they tear extra easy vs. being able to rip up larger sections.

Plus, I can only imagine what kind of condition the underlayment is in (if they even used any).


This lady has no insurance, and called us out to “repair” a leak.

I explained to them that the only repairs I could do, is repair each and every shingle, by replacing it with a new one. I kinda got a funny look when I gave them the estimate, but agreed after looking at the pics on my computer, that they badly needed a whole new roof.

Couldn’t charge much, because of a lack of cash on the homeowners end, but it will keep the crew busy, and help this nice lady out.

Maybe you could have done some horse tradin for that old camper in the back yard.

yeah its funny, we have torn off all the asphalt shingles off in my county and i dont see roofs like that anymore. used to tear em off all the time when i was younger. there all fiberglass here now.