What are characteristics of a good boss

Ive come across alot of bosses and havent really liked one of them and now that im the boss i dont wnat to be that guys.
what are the charateristics of a good boss?

fair,lets the men get on with the work without pestering them,


Just write down what you did not like about your old boss’s.

That will give you the list.

be very careful in this…if you are too nice, they will walk all over you. if you are too “bossy” they will quit.

i hate bossy bosses who question every bit of material you use your like do you think am stealing it so annoying

If the boss does the work with the crew, they think you’re a fool.
If you leave to run the business, they think you are lazy.
That is the line drawn in the sand and how you must walk.

Try listening to John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”

lots of experience, good math skills,and a drivers license

I boss with huge boobs would be great. Get yourself some implants!

Damn… roof boss beat me to it (DL).

Oh, & don’t have an “I know it all” attitude. @ 24 Years old, it’s going to get tired really fast. Encourage dissent & don’t be afraid to admit you didn’t have the right answer.

About once every two weeks, do something a little bit ‘extra’ for a job well done. Hand out some ca$h directly to one of the guys on the side.

But don’t think for one minute that 3 days later when you’re not looking that they won’t cut a corner. If you find a guy who you can delegate to & who you trust to get the job done right every time, then be sure to pay accordingly. You can get more $$ made by working 3 jobs @ once vs. sitting on one job all day long.

ranchhand can u be my boss lol

A good boss is respectful and is respected. Tim Adrian of Haight Roofing in Seattle was my favorite boss because he always showed the pimp way to get something done and never fucked up. He still inspires me to this day but he is a dorkis gaywad.

Yeah i ahd a boss like that.
Once in ahwile you will come across a guy who has his shit together. Top notch.
Thats how it was when i was working for Geransky Exteriors. My boss there was Ken kipp. Good roofer and a all aroung good guy. But strickt at time but had it together.

how do you wanna be treated? :twisted: