What are the biggest problems facing Roofing Company Owners today?

My company Roofing IQ is doing a survey to find the biggest challenges Roofing Companies are facing. Please be specific by State. The results will be published and available to interested.

Your answer is going to vary drastically by company size. My biggest challenge is finding salesmen who are anywhere near half as good as the tenured guys. Sales solves everything. My Company - Pittsburgh Roofs

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How big is your company Adam? So you get good leads but having salesmen that can close the deal is the issue?

We have 5 salesman in the office and try to keep around 1.5 canvassers for every salesman. This gives us ~100k gross business per week. Leads are called to confirm appointments the night before so lead quality is fine.

We have a new guy who never sold in his life right now selling canvass leads at a higher closing percentage than our very best tenured rep is selling media leads.

It’s a mentality thing if you ask me - but hopefully you’ll be able to uncover more during your survey.

Is that the most painful part about running your business rigth now?

Yeah I would definitely be interested in hearing what other business owners issues are with their roofing businesses. Unfortunately most People just skim over these kinds of questions.

One of my challenges is new companies moving in throwing up a sign wrapping their F950 dually vehicle with cool signage and pretending to be the latest and greatest best in town.
And they very well may be, just so far that has not proven itself out yet.

What are you doing to get ahead of this new competition?

Doing nothing to get ahead.
They’re everywhere.
We had hail storms.
I canvased and completed hundreds of roof replacements over the years.
I get service calls from folks who have a new roof with problems the company from some other town that installed it won’t call them back.
I service them, repair their ceilings, charge a fair price and guarantee my repair.
I’m no mavin like some of the others out there, I just use common sense.

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Maybe you should get your name out in front of them. How are you currently generating leads?

I get referrals and new leads from a capture Web search form.
I have more roofs than I want to install. To take on any more I would have to expand.
It’s just annoying to have new companies showing up when I am installing. (I know the competition keeps things in balance).
It’s like they are canvassing around my jobs.

Yeah I can see where that is really annoying. So why dont you expand and grow your business?

I’ve been down that road and it’s all relative.
I enjoy my time off and not being in a hurry.
My number one priority is doing a good job and handshakes and hugs from customers.

drfixup, I opened a new office that is apparently in your area. I would stack one of our roof installs up against yours any day. You would be well served to not hold your breath waiting for a repair call from one of our Customers. Sorry we invaded “your” territory, I think I did notice where you pissed on a few fire hydrants to mark it.

I believe you do a fantastic job based on your posts here.
Thanks for the details.
Good to know that you are here.
I am not interested in stacking up anything other than satisfied customers.
I am also sure that you are very experienced in supplements. (Unlike myself).
That too is fantastic.
I have only been here since 1981 there are a lot of good companies out there.
Thanks for the heads up.

General Motors has been around since well before 1981 but would be out of business if not for federal government intervention. You’ve obviously done more things right than wrong to have been in business that long. But that doesn’t mean every new company in your market should be compared to a cockroach. Back in 1981, there was somebody who had been in business since 1945 who may have thought you were a cockroach as well.

I doubt that I am the best at supplementing, just trying to offer other folks here some helpful advice and techniques. You should try that approach sometime versus just stating how great you are and how everyone else is a cockroach. That’s hardly constructive but apparently makes you feel good.

Likewise, I probably would be out of business save for the insurance companies.
I’m sure I could learn a lot more about supplements. A matter of getting the most out of the claim. (I’m probably doing a lot for free that should be covered).
Thanks for the perspective.

Back to the original subject. I think the biggest problem that faces most of us is hiring and maintaining high quality sales people. Right now, good and reliable crews are hard to find in Indiana.

On the insurance side of the business, an incredibly high percentage of roofers lack competence in dealing with the insurance companies and unknowingly leaves millions and millions of dollars on the table. The insurance companies get by with too much because so many contractors accept their low ball scopes because they don’t have the desire or knowledge to supplement and get paid correctly. I get tired of hearing “Everybody else blah, blah” and “You’re the only company asking for those line items” and “everybody else does it for 10% waste factor” from adjusters.

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