What are your thoughts on this chimney flashing on new roof install?

We are in the process of buying a house. Our general inspector said the roof looked iffy and recommended a roofer come inspect it. Our realtor recommend a roofer and sure enough he said it was end of life and needed to be replaced. We asked for a new roof as part of the negotiation process. Sellers brought two roofers out who also said yes it needs to be replaced. They hired our roofer to do the job.

I went by today and from what I could tell things look fine, except for the chimney flashing. This is in the greater Seattle area FYI. This just does not look right. Looks like they used scraps left over to do the flashing. It looks sloppy. What do you guys think? Should I ask it to be redone? Should I worry about the quality of the roof now? Should I get a third party inspector?

Is there are reason the replies with the pictures I took of the issue was flagged by the community? How do I share pictures on here when the upload function isnt working?

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What you have is a very ugly “counter flashing” job. While it may not leak if they did the pan and step flashings correctly the counter flashing should be redone (and not by the same person who made that mess in the first place) imo.

I suspect they reused the old counterflashing and weren’t able to get it to lie correctly since it’s sprung.

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Interesting. Do you suggest I have the whole roof inspected then?

That old flashing that is sticking out originaly curved back onto the roof. Someone cut it and most likely re-step flashed underneath. The old flashing needs to be removed and counter flashing installed over step flashing for this to look good and to keep water out.
As for inspecting the roof, 1 bad detail such as this chimney may be a precursor to other bad detail work but it may not. Do what will help you sleep at night.
Good luck

I talked to the roofer finally and he has said that flashing is original and was not replaced. Looking back at our pictures on MLS, I can see the ugly flashing there. I was surprised it was not included in the bid to replace the roof.

He said they added new metal around the base and everything is water tight. The original flashing it mortared into the chimney and will be an additional cost to cut out, grind, and install a completely new flashing.

It’s worth the cost for all new flashing. IMO

Okay…my realtor who recommended the roofer has offered to split the additional costs of $400. I think I will go ahead and get it done.

$400 is a bargain for doing the flashing right.