What could cause this dent?

Hey there, I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find an answer to my roof dent issue. The roof is new as of 11 months ago, and this dent is new. We bought the house 6 months ago.

I look at my roof almost every day bc I take our dogs out. This has to be new within the past few days. We live in eastern Florida, and haven’t had any hail storms, etc.

Maybe the rafter (apologies if the wrong term) is popping up?

Just curious what could cause this, and if I need to be concerned. Logic tells me that any spot that dips down this much and allows water to sit - even a small amount - could be bad.

Thanks for any help and suggestions, I really appreciate it.

Here’s another photo

Only way to know is to open it up and look.
Could be a rotten spot the roofers didn’t address,could have a small leak there as well.

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Just a theory but I’m thinking it has been there and something made you notice it. Usually the way it happens. It is still something that needs to be addressed but it did not happen overnight.


Looks like deck broken or missing the rafter. Agree with other posts, needs repaired, open it up.

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Sorry for the lack of reply. The holidays are so crazy here.

I had a technician out from the roofing company. He said that it looks like the roof decking slipped to the side, should be covered by warranty, and that he was sending photos and an explanation to his boss.

I received an e-mail from said boss who said, “Looks like fluctuation in the decking. It’s not a structural issue or causing any issues with the performance of the shingles. It would be classified as a cosmetic issue. If he wants us to pull the shingled and put decking up, we will have to charge to do that. But as-is, warranty is still in tact.”

I’m sort of baffled, tbh. I used to live in Vermont where people stood behind their work, even if it was cosmetic. In Florida, I haven’t come across a single contractor who stands behind their work at all. Well, I did find an AC guy :slight_smile:

I wrote back that the cosmetic issue could promote rot by water pooling in the dent. Also, I have two other dents now, and one truss has popped up a small bit. I’m at a loss here. Just don’t want to have to fix a roof in a year bc a contractor ignored a problem.

Thanks for you and the others responses. I added a reply from my contractor below. This doesn’t seem cosmetic to me. Could I be wrong here?

Thanks for you and the others responses. I added a reply from my contractor below. New to the site, so I think I’m replying to the wrong way :confused:

I don’t know what is causing it but what is pictured is very minor and highly unlikely to cause any problems in the future.


Thanks Axiom. I hope that’s the case. We now have another dent on the same side of the roof, and a spot where the shingles are pushing up where it looks like a truss has popped up maybe?

Hopefully when the heat hits the roof for a good stretch, things will right themselves. idk a thing about roofs lol

It may be just cosmetic. The dip doesn’t look like it would hold water since it is vertical rather than horizontal. I hope he at least came back to your house to look at it as that is the right way for a contractor to handle it.

Not sure if this issue was fixed or not. If roofer doesn’t want to satisfy your cosmetic concern I can certainly help with another solution for you that will not damage the roofing done. Though it may depend on how handy you are. Remove soffit pieces at locations of sagging roof. If no rot is present on plywood or rafters you can place a small 2x4 next to each rafter and prop up the sag and secure with screws or nails. You might have to put a 2x4 between the rafters as well to carry the 22 1/2” span in between the rafters. It just would save the roofer from repairing and prop up the sag with very minimal work and materials needed. Just a suggestion, I live in Florida now and understand it’s hard to get cosmetic things addressed without spending at least $1000 bucks to fix. This will cost you $10 bucks and some time. Wish you luck

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I would not worry about it. Just keep an eye on it

That’s what I would tell my customer

I may be the plywood is short of the rafter. Address it when you do the roof

The roof is 11 months old.