What do you call this guy?

What do you call the guy that gets subbed by the GC then goes out and subs that same project to a crew? Making profit per sq… What’s your input on that? Is it common? How profitable can it be?

To many hands in the pot especially from the GC.

I believe that he is called a CONtractor,lol…This is common practice for Home Depot at home svcs…according to 60 minutes…

You just described every builder in Texas.

“foreman”. Or “crew leader”

Thanks for the quick replies guys…

I apologize for the somewhat dumb questions first of all. I’m in search of advice…

Will the GC be unwilling to give you jobs once he finds out you’re subbing them as well? Will they attempt to just take you completely off the picture and just hire your crews directly for cheaper? How is tha avoided?

I’m looking to start on being the “foreman” or “crew leader” and eventually start running several crews… Is this a good way to start in the industry?

One of the subs I have used for the last year has 3 crews he runs. He takes care of the workmans comp, and pays all the guys. I just write him one check every week. No payroll.

The key is to get the crews to work directly for you. Not you subbing them out. You need a LLC and a generic company name.

Let the GCs know that u handle everything and nobody talks to anybody but you.

Sears did that for years.

Sears sold the home improvement job.

They subbed it to their exclusive sub-contractor, Diamond Exteriors.

Then, Diamond Exteriors subbed the job out to the 3rd tier contractor to actually do the work.

Many of those 3rd tier contractors actually subbed the work crews out from that point, making it a 4th tier sub-contractor.

If the GC finds that the crew is subbed and sees the same foreman all the time, he may cut you out of the loop to save a nickel.


The best thing to keep in mind,is not to take a job that you cannot do yourself.If your sub crew doesn’t finish the job,you must be able to finish it yourself.Also keep in mind that the G.C. is going to want to save all he can,and will most likely steal your crew away,and cut you out of the equation…The best thing to do is hire hourly guys to do the work,and profit off the balance ofter overhead is met.
There is only so much you can make if you are not willing,or capable of doing the work yourself…

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