What do you guys think of dump trailers

I’m thinking about buying a dump trailer and was wondering what everyones thoughts on them were

I think their ok they do get stuck and tandem driving sucks better have a diesel with a grade brake and get a hitch on the front so you don’t blow reverse going up steep driveways loaded I like 1 dump truck on the job and 1 pickup I put all the equipment on the pickup and all the scaffold and kickers, slate catches on the dump truck you get 8 foot wide racks dump trailers can’t haul 30’ stages and if I can’t strip the roof in one day I just get a dumpster but if you do a lot of 1 day hits strip and drive say 15 20 sq roofs I’d buy a diesel dump truck

I own a 7 x12 dump trailer and I have hauled around 30sq

i probably could have filled more in it. All in all they are good for getting in tight spots and picking up materials just make sure you don’t get one with a solar panel charing system and you should have a diesel for sure.

I have a 04 PJ 15 yard dump trailer, a 09 PJ 15 yard dump trailer and a 04 H&H tilt bed 20ft trailer.

I rent out the flat bed with chains to my brother who can get 25 squares in it. It’s 7ft wide with 4ft side walls but only has two 3,500 lb axles under it. As a last resort to renting a dumpster I’ll use it personaly. It’s nice in the respect that it’s low to the ground and when tilted you can run a wheel barrow right up into it.

The two dump trailers with two 7,000 lbs axles are very capable to haul some impressive loads. With the 04 have had many loads to the dump in the 50-55sq range.

The trailers are pulled by either the 99 SRW 3/4 ton 99 DRW 1ton or 00 SUV. All are 4x4 and all are Navistar powered. The DRW with it’s air bags and dual gauge is the first choice for pulling.

I have all bri-mar 6x12 dumps. I will never go back to dumpsters. they have paid for them selves within weeks of purchase, and have never damaged a drive way. I put them where i want, and when i want. regularly haul 10,000lbs. to dump. Pulled with either '06 dodge 3/4 with a hemi or '08 dodge 3/4 with a deisel.

You got that right, saving money with a dump trailer.

I actually bought the 09 because the 04 needed brakes and some other stuff so instead of renting dumpsters until my mechanic was done decided to just buy another. In 2 weeks have used the new trailer on 6 jobs already. My mechanic is a full time block installer, so he wrenches after work and on the weekends. I’d bring it to someone who could fix stuff faster but he’s my old neighbor, good friend and he gets me jobs every year.

One thing that makes running a dump trailer ver logical for me is the price I pay to dump shingles. Most 30 square tear offs average about $45 to dump. If I have a 55+ square load it’s no more than $78.

wow thats cheap!! my average dump is like $190, but the dumpsters run in the $600 plus range.


I use them with gas trucks. Never a problem. My 2000 F-150 hauls it with no problems.

Would not buy a desiel.

I also use a trailer for a dumpster at the shop. Some crews do not need a dump truck or dumpster. They do bring back garbage every day.

my take is unless you have a hell of alot of roofing to do there not worth it.
i use a single axle 10 dollar dump trailer and i can do up to 25 sq with it.
just no need for it to me.



I also use a trailer for a dumpster at the shop. .[/quote]

We do that as well.

the diesel is for sure great for towing pulled 11,656 with my 3/4 powerstroke and could of took more

You guys must live on really flat areas because those numbers would not work in pittsburgh. You would be going threw transmissions left and right here. I seen reverse smoke in driveways trying back a load up a grade trust me I would at least get a hitch on the front to help you in tight spots when your loaded but yeah the dump trailer does sit a lot lower but that plus hauling scaffold and all is really rough for me I like dump bodies way better but were I live is really full of hills all of pennslyvania is


I use them with gas trucks. Never a problem. My 2000 F-150 hauls it with no problems.

Would not buy a desiel.

I also use a trailer for a dumpster at the shop. Some crews do not need a dump truck or dumpster. They do bring back garbage every day.[/quote]

I’m starting to look for a fourth diesel. Would like to find a forged rod motor 2000 7.3 powered E350. Got my eye on two localy right now.

The 2000 Excursion diesel has 194K miles and the motor and tranny has never been touched. Biggest load to the dump so far 25,520 lbs. The mileage averages from 16-19 mpg. Not bad for a 8,000 lb suv.

The 1999 F350 dually diesel has 153K miles and the motor and tranny has never been touched. Biggest load to the dump so far 28,650 lbs. The mileage is poor at 11-13 mpg but it’s pulling power is worth it.

The 1999 F250 has had some tranny issues. At 83K miles the original tranny failed. At 252K the Ford rebuilt failed. The truck has pulled bigger loads than the biggest load with the DRW but the dump didn’t have a scale back then. The truck also pushes some snow in the winter for personal use via the 8.5ft Pro plow. The truck has been chipped and programmed and has done massive burn outs many times. It’s even done some pretty nice burn outs with the trailer in tow! I bought the truck when I was 22, now 29. Used to be a longer dumber back then! Mileage is around 14-18 mpg on average.

All three have aftermarket tranny coolers and in line filters and run on synthetic fluid. Both the SRW and DRW have pillar gauages which monitor boost, tranny temp and egt temp. They both also have air bags which help level out the big loads. Once had 40sq of debris in the trailer with 12sq in the box of the SRW, with the air bags at 85 psi the load was fairly level.

Minnesota is mostly flat for the most part. I could see a lot of hills eating up trannies while in tow though. The last tranny failure in the SRW was while in tow. Temp got to 250 degrees and that was it.

As a homeowner let me say I was grateful my roofer used a dump trailer rather than a dumpster. A number of homes in my neighborhood had roofs replaced due to hail damage and a couple of driveways were marred by the dumpsters - no problem in my driveway with the dump trailer

I live in WV it’s really hilly here

I have a chevy 1500 I do alot of townhouse roofs and smaller jobs 15 to 20sq you think my truck would pull a dump trailer that is rated for 8000 lbs

I wouldn’t half tons are barely enough to carry your equipment for a really small crew. My shingle hoist and my compressor would hurt a half ton.

I live in pittsburgh. I really think diesel is the only way to go because my trucks always have at least a ton just in equipment

I have a 6x12 dump trailer and I use a 2007 toyota tundra to tow it. I have not had any trouble out of it at all. I have had 12,000 lbs on dump about 50 times now. But most times it is about 9,900 lbs - 11,000 lbs. I got the truck new with only 10 miles on it. It now has 50,000 miles on it. I had a 2005 2500 hd gas that could not keep up with the tundra. The 2500 hd could only tow 8,000 lbs. I do not know if it was a bad truck or what.

I would not use a 1/2 ton to tow anything 8K lbs or more. Sure the new 1/2 tons are said to two 10K lbs but that would be with a weight distributing hitch and both hands tightly clung to the steering wheel.

Falls, how is the tail gate on that Tundra? How many squares do you stack on the gate and do you ever put the air compressor on it?

What I see most commonly used at the dump to tow trailers is hands down F350’s. Two out of three are dually’s.

A guy I know runs a 05 3500 Ram Cummins dually. He recently bought a 2000 F350 Powerstroke as he’s decided to give his 270K mile Cummins a break! He’s got three crews and just runs to the dump for them.